2024 Undergraduate Scholarships at Boise State University

Applying for Boise State University Undergraduate Scholarships is a good idea if you wish to start your undergraduate education in the US with financial aid in 2024.

Boise State University offers some of the best undergraduate scholarships in the country to students pursuing their undergraduate degrees.

The purpose of the Boise State University Undergraduate Scholarships is to assist overseas students who have demonstrated academic excellence yet require financial assistance to complete their undergraduate degrees.

There are two types of Boise State University Undergraduate Scholarships: Automatic Scholarships and Global Scholarships. The former is given out without application, whereas the latter needs more.

The two undergraduate scholarships, however, are given out according to merit and need. To be selected, applicants must fulfill both conditions and complete the required actions by the deadline.

Boise State University (BSU) is a public research institution in the United States. It was founded in Boise, Idaho, in 1932. Undergraduate and graduate degrees are available at the university.

More than 22,000 students, both domestic and foreign, attend BSU. It offers more than 300 graduate programs. The esteemed university enjoys international recognition in addition to recognition in the US.

Details of Undergraduate Scholarships at Boise State University


• USA: United States of America is the scholarship country.

• Boise State University is a scholarship university.

• Type of scholarship: Undergraduate

• Type of scholarship funding: Partial financing

• Value of the scholarship programme: $18,194

• Eligible students: International students

• The scholarship application deadline is April 1, 2024.

The advantages of undergraduate scholarships at Boise State University

The Boise State University Undergraduate Scholarships are awarded to candidates who, during the application process, show that they have an exceptional record and need financial assistance. The applicants that are accepted will get up to $18,194.

Boise State University Undergraduate Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

• Candidates must be first-time undergraduate students at Boise State University.

• Applicants must possess a cumulative unweighted GPA of 3.50 or 3.00.

• Candidates must enroll in degree programs that meet the requirements.

• Candidates must be international students and provide all necessary paperwork.

Application Guidelines

To be considered for this scholarship program, applicants must meet all eligibility requirements and submit their applications by the deadline.

  Application Link:

In summary

The two categories of the Boise State University Undergraduate Scholarships are Automatic Scholarships and Global Scholarships. Both scholarships are available to all interested and eligible international students and come with fantastic benefits.


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