2024 Denys Holland Scholarship at University College London (UCL)

Hi there! Are you a student with lofty goals but little money to achieve them? Guess what, though? The 2024 Denys Holland Scholarship is a fantastic opportunity offered to you by University College London (UCL). The goal of this scholarship is to assist gifted people who are unable to afford higher education.

We’ll review every aspect of the esteemed Denys Holland Scholarship in this extensive article, including its goals, eligible applicants, application procedures, and unique advantages to winners.

The University College London alum Denys Holland is honored with this Denys Holland Scholarship. The main goals of this scholarship are to enable students and support them in realizing their most significant potential.

According to University College London (UCL), worthy people shouldn’t be prevented from reaching greatness by financial obstacles. The primary goals of the scholarship are to support students financially and foster an environment where they can achieve their full potential.

All domestic and international students can apply for this undergraduate scholarship programme, regardless of their background. The basis for awarding it is need-based money. However, the potential grantees still need to have a stellar academic record.

The £9,000 Denys Holland Scholarship prize is valued. It will be subtracted from the selected students’ tuition for three academic years. However, the scholarship recipients’ access to the award is contingent upon their continued good academic standing.

London’s first university, University College London (UCL), was established in 1826. In 1836, it was the first university in England to accept women on an equal basis. In 1907, UCL became a member of the University of London, which improved its standing. UCL has drawn eminent academics and contributed to various subjects throughout its existence. UCL is a highly regarded international university today, renowned for its multidisciplinary research and societal effect.

Denys Holland Scholarship Summary

• Scholarship host university: University College London (UCL)

• Scholarship host country: United Kingdom

• Scholarship degree level: Undergraduate

• Scholarship program worth: £9,000

• Scholarship program numbers: Several

• Eligible students: Domestic and International

• Application deadline: July 31, 2024

Requirements for Eligibility for Denies Holland Scholarship 

The following eligibility information is essential if you’re considering applying for the Denys Holland Scholarship in 2024:

• For the next academic year, you ought to get an offer of admission to UCL’s full-time undergraduate program.

• This scholarship is for you if you cannot pursue higher education because of financial difficulties.

• Students of various nations, ethnicities, and academic specialties can apply.

• Recipients of scholarships are not permitted to combine this prize with another one.

Denys Holland Scholarship Benefits

The £9,000 scholarship will be given to the winner year for three years, contingent upon the necessary academic advancement.

Guidelines for Denys Holland Scholarship Applications 

Applications must include information about their financial situation and academic standing. For additional information on the application requirements, click the link below.

Application link: 


UCL’s 2024 Denys Holland Scholarship is a fantastic opportunity for students with modest means. If you fit the requirements, take advantage of this chance to change your life. Apply for the Denys Holland Scholarship at University College London to start a fantastic journey.


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