Japan 2024 Research Internship Programme, University of Tokyo

The application portal for the University of Tokyo’s 2024–2025 Research Internship Programme is now open in Japan. We strongly urge you to read this blog post if you hope to be selected as one of the recipients of this esteemed program.

International students with an exemplary record of academic distinction are eligible to apply for the University of Tokyo Research Internship Programme (UTRIP). Consequently, candidates for consideration must have stellar academic records.

To apply for this internship program,  must have finished the first year of their bachelor’s degree program and be prepared to continue their undergraduate studies if chosen and through the internship.

The six-week program for research internships is fully funded. It pays for all of the overseas applicants’ selected costs. The most deserving applicants will receive these internship prizes.

The University of Tokyo is situated in Japan. Founded in 1877, this public research university is located in Bunkyo, Tokyo. The university has about 20,000 domestic and international students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs.

Synopsis of the University of Tokyo Research Internship Programme

• Japan is the internship host nation.

• University of Tokyo is the internship host institution.

• Length of the internship program: six weeks

• Type of funding for internship: Full funding

• Eligible learners: Global learners

• Deadline to apply for an internship: January 9, 2024

The University of Tokyo Research Internship Program’s advantages

• 140,000 JPY is offered to applicants from the Asia-Pacific, Oceania-Pacific, and Eastern Russia regions.

• There is a 160,000 JPY offer for applicants from North America, Western Russia, and Europe.

• A 170,000 JPY offer is extended to the Africa, Middle East, Latin America, and Caribbean applicants.

Qualifications for the University of Tokyo Research Internship Programme

• To be eligible for this internship program, you must have completed at least one full year of a bachelor’s degree program.

• You must be enrolled in an undergraduate program and expected to return there after the internship.

• You’re taking a course in a related field or a natural science.

• You must be prepared to work nonstop for six weeks of the internship.

• You need to be considering long-term professional aspirations in the scientific domain.

• A test of English proficiency is necessary.

Documents Needed for the Research Internship Programme

The application form, personal data, a personal statement, qualifications and educational history, and supporting documentation

Procedure for Applications

The documents above are all necessary for applying to the University of Tokyo’s Research Internship Programme. Consequently, it is recommended that applicants upload them at the time of application submission.

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In summary

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All interested and eligible international students are welcome to apply for the University of Tokyo’s fully supported research internship programme. It’s a six-week program with many advantages.


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