International Master’s Scholarships at Saclay University of Paris (2024) (Fully-funded)

Applications are being accepted at the University of Paris Saclay for the International Master’s Scholarships for 2024–2025. Go through this article if you want to apply and be one of the chosen candidates.

For outstanding overseas students who want to attend the esteemed university but cannot pay the tuition, the University of Paris Saclay offers overseas Master’s Scholarships.

This fully financed scholarship programme pays most of the chosen applicants’ educational expenses. Since this program is awarded based on merit, applicants must have excellent academic records.

The top candidates get the International Master’s Scholarships yearly; the scholarships are for one or two academic semesters. Students studying in extended programs for more than two years are not eligible for this program.

Regarding the Saclay University of Paris

Founded in 1150, the Paris Saclay is a public research institution in France. It’s among the world’s and France’s oldest universities. Paris Saclay offers Undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

More than 25,000 students, both domestic and foreign, attend Paris Saclay. It is regarded as one of the best universities in the world and France. The University of Paris Saclay was ranked 18th out of all universities worldwide by ARWU.

Synopsis of International Master’s Scholarships

• France is the host nation for scholarships.
The University of Paris Saclay is the host university for the scholarship.
Master’s degree is the minimum level of the scholarship; total financing is the sort of support.
International students are eligible. The deadline for applying for the scholarship is May 7, 2024.

Qualifications for International Master’s Scholarships

• Students from other countries may apply for this award.

• Interested international students must be under 30 years old.

• Interested international students must fulfil the language requirements.

• Interested international applicants must meet the academic prerequisites, including earning a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.

International Master’s Scholarship Benefits

• For each academic session, it grants €10,000 to a limited number of international applicants.

• It pays for the selected international students’ airfare.

• It pays for the selected international students’ living expenses.

Programs Acceptable for Master’s Scholarships Abroad

Science of Biodiversity
Data and Information Technologies
Social Science
Food and Agriculture Environment Society Biology
research on pharmaceuticals
Sports, Medicine, and Human Movement Sciences
Humanities Law
Basic Sciences of Political Science

Documents Needed for International Master’s Scholarship Programmes

• Study plan; • Motivational letter; • Passport; • Bachelor’s degree and transcripts; • Resume/CV; and • Two recommendation letters
• IELTS; • English Proficiency Certificate

The International Master’s Scholarship Application Process

It is recommended that all applicants submit their applications electronically before the deadline. To find out more about the application requirements, see the link below.

(link to application)

In summary

Worldwide, outstanding international students are eligible to apply for the University of Paris Saclay International Master’s Scholarships. It’s among the best scholarships available in France.


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