Imperial College London 2024 President’s Ph.D Scholarships (Fully-funded)

The President’s Ph.D. scholarships at Imperial College London are available to deserving international students who have completed their undergraduate studies and want to continue their education at one of the top universities in the United Kingdom by going to the doctoral level.

The three years the successful applicants spend studying at the esteemed Imperial College London are fully supported by the President’s Ph.D. scholarships, which are fully funded.

With the support of the most incredible mentors at the renowned institution, interested students can select their desired programs through this esteemed scholarship program.

Every academic year, many outstanding applicants apply for the President’s Ph.D. scholarships, awarded to only the best students. For the 2024 President’s Ph.D. scholarships, up to 50 applications will be considered.

About Imperial College London

London, England’s Imperial College London is a public research institution founded in 1907. It offers undergraduate and graduate programs and has over 20,000 domestic and international students.

Imperial College London is dedicated to engineering, science, business, and medicine. Its main campus, located in South Kensington, holds lectures for students and conducts research. The university is well-known worldwide.

Synopsis of President’s PhD Scholarships

Imperial College London is the host university for the scholarship.

The United Kingdom is the host country for scholarships.

• Type of funding for scholarships: Full funding

• Space for scholarships: Many

• Students who qualify: Foreign students

• January 8, 2024, is the deadline for scholarship applications.

Advantages of the President’s PhD Scholarships

• It pays the entire cost of tuition for those who make the shortlist.

• It provides £25,150 per year for living expenses to shortlisted applicants.

• It provides consumable monies valued at £2,000 per year to those who make the shortlist.

• It provides further options for applicants that were shortlisted.

The President’s PhD Scholarships Requirements

• Any nationality is welcome to apply.

• You need to have an exceptional academic background.

• You have to fulfil the prerequisites for age and education.

• You can’t have any past criminal activity.

• You apply to Imperial College London for a degree program that qualifies.

How to Submit a Presidential PhD Scholarship Application

The only way to apply for this scholarship programme is to submit an online admissions request to Imperial College London. The scholarship selection committee will contact all of the shortlisted candidates after reviewing all the applications.


In summary

Globally distinguished researchers are eligible to apply for the President’s PhD fellowships at Imperial College London. These fully supported fellowships pay most of the shortlisted researchers’ expenditures.


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