2024 University of Regina Scholarships in Canada

Interested and qualified overseas students who want to complete their undergraduate degree in Canada in 2024 are invited to apply for the University of Regina Scholarships.

Among the best scholarships offered by Canadian academic institutions to exceptional and deserving international students are the University of Regina Scholarships.

The two distinguished scholarships that make up this list are the International Student of Distinction and the International Entrance Scholarship.

International students who have accepted admission to Regina University receive the International Entrance Scholarship immediately. They must, however, fulfil a few academic requirements.

The International Student of Distinction Scholarship provides selected candidates with a grant of up to $80,000 for four years, in contrast to the $3,000 award of the International Entrance Scholarship. Only 50 candidates will be chosen, however.

About the University of Regina

Founded in 1911, the University  is a Canadian university. According to several academic organizations inside and outside Canada, it is one of the best universities in the nation.

Regina has thousands of domestic and international students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate degree programs. It provides bursaries and scholarships to deserving students to boost their academic progress.

Synopsis of Scholarships at the University of Regina

• Canada is the host nation for scholarships.

• Undergraduate degree level; • Scholarship host country: University of Regina; • Scholarship funding type: Full financing

• Students that qualify: Foreign Students

• March 15, 2024, is the deadline for scholarship applications.

Qualifications for Scholarships at the University of Regina

• Applicants for this scholarship programme may be from abroad.

• Interested Students must have outstanding academic records.

• The University of Regina must extend an admissions offer to qualified applicants.

• Students who are interested must be enrolled full-time in approved degree programs.

• Interested Students must meet all requirements for eligibility.

Benefits of University of Regina Scholarships

The applicants’ award will be based on the scholarship they were awarded. The International Students of Distinction recipients will get around $80,000 for four years, while the shortlisted applicants for the International Entrance Scholarship will receive $3,000.

Specific Qualifying Courses at the University of Regina

Kinesiology & Health Studies; Arts; Centre for Continuing Education; Business Administration; Education; Applied Science; Media, Art, and Performance; Science; Nursing; Social Work

How to Apply for Scholarships at the University of Regina

Information about applying to the  Regina’s academic programs can be found by clicking the link below. For application information, we strongly advise applicants to select the level or kind of program they wish to pursue.


In summary

Scholarships from the University  are available to deserving international students worldwide. International applicants accepted to Regina will immediately be considered for the scholarship.


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