University of Skövde Master’s Scholarships for 2024-25

International students who can pay half of their tuition are encouraged to apply for the University of Skövde’s Master’s Scholarship.

One of the top universities in the world is offering master’s scholarships through the University of Skövde. 50% of the tuition for those chosen for this scholarship programme will be waived.

This grant is available for one semester, but if the recipients maintain strong academic standing in consecutive semesters, they may be eligible to receive it again.

Applicants need to understand that the University of Skövde Master’s Scholarships only pay 50% of the tuition of chosen overseas students, not any other educational costs.

Applicants should also know that these scholarships are solely intended for exceptional students who wish to attend Skövde. The prestigious university’s current students are not eligible to apply.

About the University of Skövde Master’s Scholarships

In Skövde, Sweden, the institution of Skövde is a well-regarded state institution. Although the university was established in 1977, it wasn’t granted permission to begin operations as one until 1983.

The University of Skövde offers almost all undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs. About 9,000 students, both international and exceptional domestic students, are enrolled there.

Information about Masters Scholarships

• Sweden is the host nation for the scholarship, and the host university is the University of Skövde.

• this scholarship programme covers 50% of the cost of attendance for Master’s students.

• The scholarship grant is available to interested and qualified students; the number of candidates that will be chosen is not defined.

• February 1, 2024, is the application deadline for this scholarship programme. The fact that Skövde does not accept applications after applicants should note the deadline.

Benefits of Master’s Scholarships

50% of the tuition will be awarded to the chosen candidates. They ought to be able to cover the remaining sum.

Conditions for Eligibility for Master’s Scholarships

• Applications are accepted from overseas students.

• Applicants cannot currently be enrolled at Skövde as students.

• To pursue approved degree programs, candidates must apply.

• Applicants must apply for full-time courses.

• Candidates need to have a stellar record in the classroom.

• Candidates must complete the virtual application and send it in with the necessary paperwork.

How to Apply for Master’s Scholarships

Applicants for the Master’s Scholarships must register at Skövde as full-time degree students. They are required to create and submit a two-minute video in which they will justify their need for the scholarship. Finally, before the February 1, 2024, scholarship application deadline, students must upload the video and submit their application.

Apply Here

In summary

International students who meet the requirements, show interest, and can pay half of Skövde’s tuition are eligible for the Master’s Scholarships. There is some funding for this scholarship. As a result, only students who can afford tuition are eligible.


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