Fully funded 2024 University Canada West Scholarships in Canada

We are happy to notify students that the University Canada West Scholarships application portal is currently open for those who want to pursue their undergraduate, master’s, or MBA degree programs in Canada on scholarships.

All internationals can apply for the fully funded University Canada West Scholarships, regardless of race, nationality, or religion.

We will discuss the requirements for applying, the qualifying terms, and the advantages of the University Canada West Scholarships on this page.

Two categories of fully supported scholarships are available to domestic and international University Canada West students. The newly admitted students comprise the first group, and the continuing students include the second.

A single student only gets two scholarships from UCW simultaneously. One student is eligible for one scholarship or award. It also doesn’t provide grants or scholarships to students who receive other honors from organizations outside the institution.

Nonetheless, there are instances in which certain students at the university are given several honors. These students would have broken some of the most prestigious and long-standing academic records.

The former president of the University of Victoria, David F. Strong, founded the University Canada West, a private university in Canada, in 2005. It provides undergraduate and graduate degrees and has more than 3,000 students.

An Overview of the University Canada West Scholarships

• The host country for the scholarship programme is Canada.

• The hosting institution is University Canada West.

• Undergraduate, graduate, and MBA degrees are included in the scholarship degree category.

• All funding for the scholarship programme is provided.

• Students from abroad may apply for this scholarship programme.

• The application platform is accessible all year round.

Benefits of University Canada West Scholarships

Several scholarships with different benefits are available at the University of Canada West. Nonetheless, most scholarships are fully supported and pay for textbooks, housing, and other essential educational expenses.

Qualifications for University Canada West Scholarships

Every scholarship program has eligibility prerequisites, and candidates must meet these requirements to be considered for the scholarship of their choice.

Still, a few prerequisites are unique to each scholarship programme. All of them demand that candidates be international students with outstanding academic records.

Documents Needed for University Canada West Scholarships

• Bachelor’s applicants need a Higher Secondary School Certificate or the equivalent.

• Transcripts for the master’s degree and the certificate of bachelor’s degree

• Transcripts and certificate of master’s degree (PhD).

• International passport.

• Curriculum Vitae or resume (CV).

• A letter of motivation or purpose statement

• A research proposal or study plan

• Two letters of recommendation

• Certificate of Proficiency in English

• IELTS, if necessary

How to Apply for University Canada West Scholarships

This scholarship program’s application is electronically submitted. Applications should be submitted online by all candidates. The documents mentioned above must all also be uploaded.

Application link: 


This fully supported program recognizes only international students with exceptional academic achievement.


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