2024 Point Park University Scholarships In US — Funded

Join the ranks of outstanding international applicants for Point Park University Scholarships in the United States if you want your remarkable academic success to be significantly rewarded.

Scholarships from Point Park University are intended to honour outstanding foreign applicants with stellar academic records who plan to pursue graduate and undergraduate degrees in the 2024–2025 school year.

For this scholarship program, exceptional international students from non-speaking nations are eligible to apply. However, they must have a stellar academic record and a remarkable TOEFL or IELTS score.

Students interested in Point Park University Scholarships must not submit a separate application. Instead, candidates are evaluated for the scholarship by the university based on their admissions applications.

Three Point Park  scholarships are available, each with different requirements for qualifying and perks. Therefore, interested students are advised to choose the scholarships whose requirements they can meet.

About the Point Park University Scholarships

Point Park College is another name for Point Park University. This private American institution was founded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1960. With more than 3,000 students, the esteemed university provides undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Synopsis of Point Park University Scholarships

• USA is the host country for scholarships.

• Point Park University is the scholarship host institution.

• Undergraduate degree as the scholarship degree level

• Scholarship funding type: Partial financing

• Students who qualify: Foreign students

• Is it still possible to apply for scholarships? Sure.

Conditions of Eligibility for Point Park  Scholarships

• You have to be a foreign national.

• Your application needs to be for a full-time course at the university.

• You need to fulfill the requirements and hold a high school diploma.

• You need to have the necessary academic standing.

Benefits and the List of Point Park University Scholarships

• Freshman Scholarships based on merit: $12,000–$22,000

• $15,000 for the International Freshman Fellow

• Ambassador for International Freshmen: $17,000

Required Documents for Point Park University Scholarships

• The English Proficiency Certificate

• A pair of endorsement letters

• A motivational letter or statement of purpose

• A current résumé or CV

• Passport for travel abroad

• The diploma from high school

The steps involved in applying for scholarships at Point Park 

The files mentioned above are all crucial to your program. Remember to upload them. For additional information about the application guidelines, click the link below.



The three are intended for overseas students who decide to study in 2024 at Point Park University with a scholarship. The best applicants are allowed to apply for scholarships.


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