British Academy International Fellowships for 2024

Early career researchers who satisfy the eligibility requirements are encouraged by the British Academy to apply for the 2024 International Fellowships initiative. This blog post will discuss the fellowships’ perks, application requirements, and eligibility.

These international scholarships are among the best that UK academic institutions offer to deserving researchers from around the world who aspire to work for two educational sessions at the nation’s best universities.

Through gaining international experience, the International Fellowships will assist successful applicants in taking the first step toward establishing an independent research career. Additionally, recipients will receive the chance to conduct exceptional research.

We want to list a few of the many goals of the International Fellowships Programme below so you can understand the significance of this esteemed program and why you should apply.

• To bring outstanding early-career researchers worldwide to the UK to set up and carry out their study.

• To support exceptional early career researchers to enable them to pursue original and high-caliber research directions.

• To provide chances for career growth and training that enable acquiring and applying new skills and knowledge.

• Fostering enduring connections through networking events and the International Fellowships alum network.

Founded in 1902, the British Academy is a humanities and social science academy in the United Kingdom. It is primarily supported by yearly government funding and has about 14,000 members. The Academy has made enormous scholarly investments and assisted several researchers.

Summary of Foreign Fellowships at the British Academy

• The United Kingdom is the host nation.

• The British Academy is funding these fellowships.

• PhD is the degree level.

• Spots in the fellowship programs are plentiful.

• Applications from early researchers abroad are welcome.

• The deadline for applications is March 12, 2024.

Benefits of Foreign Fellowships at the British Academy

• Selected candidates may receive up to £12,000 for research costs through these grants.

• Selected candidates for these scholarships may receive up to £8,000 towards moving costs.

Fellowships Abroad at the British Academy: Qualifications

• Applicants must possess a Ph.D. or be nearing completion of one.

• Postdoctoral candidates must have no more than seven years of continuously employed full-time experience.

• Applicants are not permitted to work in the UK.

• Applicants cannot be British nationals.

• Candidates need to speak and write English fluently.

• Research proposals are required for candidates.

Application Requirements for British Academy International Fellowships

Applicants who satisfy the above mentioned requirements should click the following link to submit their applications by March 12, 2024.

Application Link:

In summary

International students who satisfy the eligibility requirements can apply for the British Academy’s International Fellowships programme. It is given out based on merit and has many advantages. To be considered for the fellowship, applicants must demonstrate exceptional academic performance.


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