2024 International Scholarships at the University of Bologna

By awarding outstanding International Scholarships, the University of Bologna hopes to fulfill the dreams of exceptional international students who wish to study at one of the top universities in Italy.

The University of Bologna has set aside eighty international scholarships for deserving international students who fit the program’s requirements, which include studying full-time degree programs.

Only exceptional overseas candidates who wish to enroll in full-time undergraduate and graduate degree programs starting in the 2024–2025 academic year are eligible for this grant.

The value of the University of Bologna International Scholarships is €4.500, and the chosen candidates’ full tuition expenses will be waived. This indicates that the scholarship award covers the selected students’ tuition.

The applicants’ academic standing and financial necessity are considered while awarding these international scholarships. Outstanding SAT and GRE scores are required for interested candidates to be eligible for scholarship prizes.

Founded in Bologna in 1088, the Bologna Institute is a public research institution in Italy. It’s among the world’s and Italy’s oldest universities. There are university campuses at Cesena, Forli, Ravenna, and Rimini.

Regarding enrollment, Bologna is among the most prominent universities in Europe. About 90,000 students, both native and foreign, are enrolled at the University. The University offers almost all undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

Overview of International Scholarships at the University of Bologna

• The host institution is the University of Bologna.

• The host nation is Italy.

• There are two-degree levels: bachelors and masters.

• The value of the scholarship programme is €4,600.

• There are a lot of scholarships awarded.

• Interested international students are welcome to apply.

• The deadline for scholarship applications is July 2024.

Benefits of International Scholarships at the University of Bologna

• There will be a full tuition waiver for the chosen applicants.

• A maximum of 80 applicants who are accepted will get €4,500.

Conditions of Eligibility for International Scholarships at the University of Bologna

• Students from abroad are welcome to apply.

• Italian citizens who are interested are also eligible for this scholarship.

• Interested students should have vital GRE and SAT scores.

• The age of interest cannot be greater than thirty.

• Interested students must fulfill the English language prerequisites.

• Interested students must have the necessary paperwork.

Programs for Undergraduates Eligible

Education; Economics and Management; Engineering and Architecture; Humanities; Medicine; Pharmacy and Biotechnology; Political Science; Sociology; Sciences; Sport Sciences; Statistics; Languages and Literature, Interpretation and Translation

Master’s Programmes That Qualify

Food and Agricultural Sciences
Management, Economics, and Education
Architecture and Engineering
Literature and Languages, Translation and Interpretation
Biotechnology, Law, and Pharmacology
Health Care
Political Science
Social Science
Athletic Sciences
Veterinary Practice

Required Records for International Scholarships at the University of Bologna

• For bachelor’s programs, documentation of 12 years of schooling.

• Transcript and certificate from bachelor’s degree for master’s programs.

• Passport for travel abroad.

• A resume or curriculum vitae.

• A letter of encouragement

• Two recommendation letters

• The previous institute’s certification of English proficiency

Application Guidelines for International Scholarships at the University of Bologna

Those eligible and with the necessary paperwork should submit their applications by clicking the link below.

In summary

International students with exceptional academic records are eligible for the University of Bologna International Scholarships. The scholarship covers the chosen students’ whole tuition, which has an approximate value of €4,500.


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