Fully funded 2024 Aalto University Scholarships in Finland

Are you hoping to attend one of the top colleges in the world with a full tuition waiver scholarship? If so, we strongly advise you to apply for the Finnish Aalto University Scholarships.

Scholarships for full and partial tuition waivers are available yearly from Aalto University to worthy international students wishing to complete their degree programs in Finland in 2024.

Outstanding international students with exceptional academic records who wish to enroll in Aalto University’s prestigious bachelor’s and master’s degree programs are welcome to apply for scholarships.

There are only a few spots available in this very competitive scholarship programme. However, if you can read this blog post through to the end and adhere to the application advice we provide, you still have a chance of being shortlisted.

Interested students must observe the deadlines for Aalto University scholarships, and all applications must be turned in by then. Students who apply after the application window ends will not be given any consideration for the prize.

The scholarship award will be enjoyed by the program’s chosen applicants throughout the duration of their study at Aalto. However, the scholarship will be terminated for individuals who still need to make the required academic progress.

Located in Espoo, Finland, Aalto University was established in 2010. This public research university employs 4,000 people, has six schools, and more than 17,000 students. Both international students and inhabitants of Finland attend the university.

Finland’s second-biggest university is called Aalto. It provides graduate and undergraduate courses in a range of subjects. Aalto is considered one of the world’s top universities by WURI Global, QS World, THE World, and other publications.

Summary of Scholarships at Aalto University

• Finland, the host nation for scholarships

• Aalto University is the host institution for scholarships.

• Ph.D., Master’s, and Bachelor’s are the study levels.

• Funding source for scholarships: Full tuition waiver

• Students from abroad are welcome to apply.

January 2024 is when the application portal closes.

Benefits of Aalto University Scholarships

Candidates who make the shortlist for this program will be offered a full or partial tuition waiver. A winning applicant is only eligible to receive one scholarship.

Conditions of Eligibility for Scholarships at Aalto University

• International students may apply for this scholarship award if they meet the eligibility requirements.

• Applicants must score at least 1300 out of 1600 on the SAT.

• Those who are interested must be pursuing or have already earned an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma.

• Interested Students need to sign up for the EB World loyalty program.

• Interested Students must meet all requirements for eligibility.

Courses Eligible for Scholarships at Aalto University Scholarships

• Applied Computer Science
• Communication Across Cultures
• Content Analysis
• Engineering and Data Technology for Cyber-Security
• Expression via Audiovisual
Health Management Using Data Analytics
• Planning for the Manufacturing and Business Processes
• Substitute Energy
• Society and Digital Humanities
• The Environment
• Women, Social Systems, and Progress Bachelor of Arts
• Women, Culture, and Development Master of Arts

Required Documents for Scholarships at Aalto University

• Completed online application form
• Two Letters of Recommendations
• English Proficiency Test Certificate
• Personal Statement
• Plan of study or Research Proposal
• Motivation letter or Statement of purpose
• Acceptance Letter
• Official transcript and certificate
• CV or resume

How to Apply for Scholarships at Aalto University

The documents mentioned above are all necessary. Thus, please make sure that everything is uploaded by the deadline. Using the materials they submit for admission, Aalto chooses the scholarship recipient.

Link to apply:


One can obtain scholarships from Aalto University. Submit your application by the deadline and according to the instructions.


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