2024 Shirin Fozdar Scholarship at Singapore Management University

We invite you to apply for Singapore Management University’s (SMU) Shirin Fozdar Scholarship if you’re an exceptional overseas student hoping to study in Singapore on a scholarship.

One of the ideas behind the Shirin Fozdar Programme (SFP) is the Shirin Fozdar Scholarship. It was established to help female students who have excelled academically but want financial assistance to fulfill their aspirations of becoming teachers.

The tuition expenses for the female international students chosen for this scholarship programme will amount to around $15,000 every academic session. For four years, the many will be subtracted from their tuition. It comes to roughly $60,000.

Applicants should know that the scholarship award is not a loan that must be repaid once the recipient has completed their education. Recipients are devoid of any repayment obligations; it is given to exceptional female students based on need and merit.

University of Singapore Management (SMU)

Singapore Management University is a privately funded university with public funding located in Singapore. It was founded in Bras, Basah, in 2000. The university has numerous undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

With eight schools, including the School of Accountancy (SOA), School of Economics (SOE), Lee Kong Chian School of Business (LKCSB), and School of Computing and Information Systems (SCIS), SMU is home to nearly 9,000 students from both domestic and foreign countries.

Synopsis of Shirin Fozdar Scholarship

• Singapore is the host nation for scholarships.

• Singapore Management University (SMU) is the host university for scholarships.

• Type of scholarship: Undergraduate

• Scholarship reference: Indefinite

• Type of scholarship funding: Partial financing

• Eligible candidates: International female students

• Deadline for scholarships: May 31, 2024

The Shirin Fozdar Scholarship’s advantages

For each of their four school years, the Shirin Fozdar Scholarship recipients will receive $15,000 each semester. Sixty thousand dollars is the total for the four years.

Qualifications for the Shirin Fozdar Scholarship

• Interested students must be international female students.

• Students who are interested must be enrolled full-time in an undergraduate program and be new to the university.

• Interested students must prove they need financial aid.

• Interested students must have outstanding academic records.

• Interested students must exhibit leadership potential.

• Students who are interested need to be involved in community service.

How to Apply for the Shirin Fozdar Scholarship

The application URL for Singapore Management University is provided below. Candidates should explain why they are applying to SMU and are interested in the Shirin Fozdar Scholarship.

Application Link:


Applications for the Shirin Fozdar Scholarship are welcome from interested and eligible foreign women who wish to pursue undergraduate degrees at SMU. The scholarship amount is determined by both financial need and merit.


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