2024 UHR Scholarship at Swedish Defence University

Swedish Defence University’s UHR Scholarship program will assist foreign applicants to its esteemed postgraduate degree programs.

Only self-funding, exceptional overseas students who require financial assistance to complete their postgraduate degrees at Swedish Defence University during the 2024–2025 academic year are eligible for the UHR Scholarship.

Students from the EU or EEA nations are not eligible to apply for this award. For information on scholarships available to them, we invite students from these countries who are interested to visit the Swedish Defence University website.

Students who meet the requirements should know that the UHR Scholarship and admission application link closes on February 1st. Those chosen for admission and the scholarship award will receive notification by March.

Swedish Defence University (SDU) is one of Sweden’s best universities. It was founded in Stockholm in 1997. People in the armed forces, both foreign and local, and civilians attend the university.

Undergraduate and graduate degrees are available at SDU. The TV stations that examine problems that touch on public interest feature its academics. Among the best universities in the nation is the university.


An overview of the UHR scholarship


• Sweden is the host nation for scholarships.

• Swedish Defence University is the host university for scholarships.

• Postgraduate scholarship degree type

• Type of scholarship funding: Partial financing

• Scholarship slots: No maximum number

• Eligible Learners: Students from abroad

• February 1, 2024, is the deadline for scholarship applications.

Benefits of the UHR Scholarship

Self-funding students are eligible for the UHR Scholarship. A portion of the tuition for the chosen students at Swedish Defence University will be reimbursed.

Conditions of Eligibility for UHR Scholarship

• Candidates have to be overseas students.

• Candidates cannot be nationals of the EU or EEA.

• Applicants need to bring all necessary paperwork.

• Candidates must have stellar scholastic records.

• Candidates cannot have previously received a scholarship.

How to Apply for UHR Scholarship

Applicants must complete the application form found at the following website. They are not required to upload any supporting files. The scholarship selection committee will use the materials they submit for admission to evaluate them.

 Application link.

In summary

A tuition cost waiver is available to some students through the UHR Scholarship. It is offered to deserving foreign applicants and expires on February 1, 2024.


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