2024 Shandong University Scholarship for International Students

Are you prepared to go on a stimulating academic path that offers opportunities for development, discovery, and cross-cultural learning? The Shandong University Scholarship for International Students in 2024 is the only option to consider.

With the 2024 Shandong University Scholarship, you can study at one of the most esteemed universities in China and have the opportunity to change the world while pursuing your aspirations.

The Shandong University Scholarship program aims to draw exceptional individuals worldwide and give them the tools they need to achieve their academic and career objectives. Whether you want to pursue graduate, undergraduate, or doctorate degrees, this scholarship might be your pass to a more promising future.

The university, formerly known as Shandong Imperial College, was founded in 1901 and boasts a history of more than a century of academic innovation and success. It started small as a center for traditional Chinese education and has grown into a comprehensive university with a well-known reputation for research and instruction worldwide.

Summary of Shandong University Scholarship

• Scholarship host country: China
• Scholarship host university: Shandong University
• Scholarship degree level: Undergraduate, Masters and PhD
• Scholarship spots: Numerous
• Eligible students: International students
• Application deadline: March 1, 2024

Benefits of International Students’ Shandong University Scholarship

• The Shandong University Scholarship provides the following advantages:

• Depending on their academic merit and financial need, scholarship recipients may get full or partial tuition waivers.

• The scholarship may also include a monthly stipend to aid with living costs, including housing, food, and travel. This is in addition to tuition support.

• By receiving a scholarship, you’ll be able to pursue your research interests and make significant contributions to your field thanks to access to cutting-edge research facilities and resources.

• Immersion in Chinese culture and society is one of the benefits of studying at Shandong University.

Qualifications for International Students’ Shandong University Scholarships

• You must be an international student with good physical and mental health.

• If you’re applying for a bachelor’s degree, you must be no older than 25 and have completed high school.

• You must be under 35 and have a bachelor’s degree to put in for a master’s program.

• You must be under 40 and have a Master’s degree to apply for a PhD.

• You need a stellar academic background and exceptional abilities in scientific research.

You are not permitted to receive another scholarship.

• You must meet the language criteria.

How to Apply for International Students Scholarships at Shandong University

Are you prepared to advance in your academic and professional endeavors? To apply for the 2024 Shandong University Scholarship, follow these steps:

1. Select Your Programme: Review Shandong University’s offerings to see which programs best suit your interests and professional goals.

2. Gather Your Documents: Before applying, ensure that you have all required documents, including a personal statement, recommendation letters, and academic transcripts.

3. Submit Your Application: You can use the Shandong University website to submit your application online when you’ve gathered all your supporting documentation. Pay close attention to the directions and supply all the necessary data.

4. Await the Results: After submitting your application, the selection committee will assess your submissions and reply with their findings. Congratulations if your application for a scholarship has been accepted! You’ve come one step nearer to realizing your goals.

The following site can be used to apply:  University Scholarship for International Students.


More than just a scholarship, the 2024 Shandong University Scholarship for International Students opens doors to new experiences, relationships, and opportunities. Whatever your area of passion—science, literature, business, or anything else—Shandong University provides a vibrant, encouraging environment where you may learn and develop.


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