2024 International Postgraduate Abertay Scholarships in the UK

Join the group of outstanding foreign applicants now applying for the International Postgraduate Abertay Scholarships at the esteemed Abertay University if you want to study in the UK on a scholarship.

One of the best postgraduate scholarships UK universities provide to deserving international applicants is the International Postgraduate Abertay Scholarship.

Only incoming postgraduate students are eligible for the International Postgraduate Abertay Scholarships. The £3,000 prize given to each student chosen for the renowned scholarship will be subtracted from their tuition costs.

A public institution in the United Kingdom, Abertay institution was formerly known as the University of Abertay Dundee. It was founded in Scotland’s City of Dundee in 1888. In terms of enrollment, the university is among the smaller public universities in the United Kingdom.

More than 3,000 students, both domestic and foreign, attend Abertay. It features cutting-edge structures and practically all academic programs. Starting in 2006, the university was the first to offer an ethical hacking degree.

An Overview of International Postgraduate Abertay Scholarships

• The United Kingdom is the host country.

• Abertay University is the host institution.

• It’s a postgraduate degree.

• Partial funding is a sort of scholarship support.

• There are a lot of scholarships awarded.

The value of the scholarship grant is £3,000.

• April 30, 2024, is the deadline for scholarship applications.

Benefits of International Postgraduate Abertay Scholarships

A £3,000 deduction from each applicant’s Abertay University tuition will be made for each chosen candidate for the International Postgraduate Abertay program.

Eligibility Conditions International Postgraduate Abertay Scholarships

• Interested candidates must be international students who can support themselves.

• Interested postgraduate students must have been admitted recently.

• Interested students must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.

• Interested students must have the necessary academic standing.

• Interested parties must have the necessary paperwork.

Application Procedures for International Postgraduate Abertay Scholarships

Your application for admission will be used to determine your eligibility for the scholarship. Make sure your application is outstanding.

Here is the application link for foreign postgraduate scholarships at Abertay .

Apply here

In summary

Abertay University created the International Postgraduate Abertay Scholarships to honor international students who excel in the classroom. The value of the scholarship is £3,000.


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