2024 Public Service Scholarship at Hertie School in Germany

Applications for the Hertie School Public Service Scholarship for 2024 are now being accepted from eligible students all across the world.

The Hertie School Public Service Scholarship is intended for members of parliaments, ambassadors, and government servants who want to enroll in the school’s Executive MPA program.

This partially financed scholarship program pays 25% of the chosen applicants’ tuition at the esteemed university. The most exceptional applicant will also pay 50% of the tuition.

Scholarship recipients for the Hertie School Public Service Scholarship are chosen each year based on their interest and fulfillment of conditions. If you want to be considered for this prestigious scholarship, please read this blog article.

A private graduate school located in Germany is called The Hertie School. It was founded in Berlin in 2003. The university offers data science, governance, international relations, and public policy courses.

More than 800 students, both domestic and foreign, attend Hertie. The Institute for International Security, the Institute for Digital Governance, the Institute for Sustainability, the Institute for Fundamental Rights, and the Jacques Delors Centre are some of its research centers.

Hertie School Public Service Scholarship Overview

• Hertie School, the host institution for scholarships

• Germany is the host nation for scholarships.

• Type of scholarship: Executive MPA Programme

• Type of scholarship funding: Partial financing

• Number of scholarships: N/A

• Students who qualify: Any students who show interest

• Deadline for scholarships: August 1, 2024

Benefits of the Hertie School Public Service Scholarship

Selected students at Hertie School might receive partial educational support through the Public Service Scholarship. Only one candidate can collect 50% of his tuition; the other applicants will receive 25% of their tuition fees.

Hertie School Public Service Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

• Students who are interested in the program must be enrolled in the Executive MPA.

• Parliaments, the civil sector, or embassies must employ interested students.

• Interested students must meet the required academic standards.

• The interested party must be prepared to follow the guidelines set forth by the host and sponsoring organizations.

How to Apply for Hertie School Public Service Scholarship

Candidates who fulfill the prerequisites should submit a motivation letter outlining their qualifications for the esteemed scholarship. Additionally, they must send in a strong application for the Executive MPA Programme.

Application Link:

In summary

Applications for the Public Service Scholarship are welcome from people employed by civil society organizations, legislatures, and embassies. It gives selected applicants a 25% tuition reimbursement.


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