2024 Master Excellence Fellowships at EPFL in Switzerland

Did you attend EPFL or another university to earn your bachelor’s degree? You are qualified to apply for Master Excellence Fellowships at EPFL for the 2024–2025 academic year, regardless of where you received it.

The purpose of EPFL’s Master Excellence Fellowships is to assist and motivate international students with stellar academic records who want to start their master’s program at the esteemed university in 2024.

One of the most excellent fellowship programs ever established, it honors outstanding international candidates for master’s degrees at EPFL, Switzerland, based on their performance and academic achievement.

Successful applicants get CHF 10,000 from EPFL towards their program costs each semester until completion. In addition to this wonderful honor, the institution provides other changes, such as housing.

However, only a small number of exceptional applicants are rewarded for their academic achievement by Master achievement Fellowships, which are extremely difficult. We urge our esteemed readers to prepare their applications thoroughly.

Established in 1969, the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne is a public research university located in Lausanne, Switzerland. The natural sciences and engineering are its areas of expertise.

With over 11,000 students, including both domestic and international ones, EPFL provides undergraduate and graduate degrees. English and French are the languages used for lectures.

Summary of Master Excellence Fellowships

• Switzerland is the host nation for the fellowship.

• EPFL is the program’s sponsor.

• The university that hosts the fellowship is École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne.

• Value of the fellowship program: CHF 10,000 each semester

• Limited Fellowship Programme Number

• Master’s degree is the study level for fellowships.

• Students who qualify: both domestic and foreign students

• Deadlines for fellowship applications are April 15 and December 15 each year.

Master Excellence Fellowships Requirements for Eligibility

Both domestic and international students are welcome to submit applications.

• Candidates need to have finished their undergraduate degrees.

• Candidates have to be enrolled in a Master’s program full-time.

• Candidates have to be enrolled at participating universities.

• The foreign exchange office at the applicant’s home university must nominate them.

Benefits of Master Excellence Fellowships

• CHF 10,000 will be awarded to each successful applicant each semester to help with their educational expenses.

Required Documents for Master Excellence Fellowships

• Contact details of two references

• Motivation letter

• Curriculum vitae

• Official transcripts

• Scan your passport in PDF format

Application Process for Master Excellence Fellowships

The page below has comprehensive details on the application guidelines. It is recommended that all applicants review the rules and send in their applications by December 15 2023


In summary

Master Excellence Fellowships with a CHF 10,000 prize are renewable. In order to renew it, students need to have finished a minimum of 50 ECTS credits and have a cumulative average of 5,0/6.


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