International Scholarships at Torrens University Australia 2024 – Funded

Many tuition-discounting international scholarships are available from Torrens University Australia to worthy overseas students all around the world.

Applications for this prize are open to international students with vital academic records who wish to study undergraduate and graduate degrees at Torrens University Australia in 2024.

For international students who can afford tuition, Torrens offers international scholarships, each with specific qualifications and advantages.

This blog piece will be beneficial if you want to apply for one of the scholarship programs since it will teach you the requirements for applying and the percentage of each scholarship.

In Australia, Torrens University is a private university. With campuses in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Blue Mountains, Australia, New Zealand, Suzhou, China, and Auckland, it was founded in 2012.

Overview of International Scholarships at Torrens University Australia

• Torrens University Australia, the host institution for the scholarship.

• Torrens University Australia sponsors the scholarship programme.

• Type of scholarship funding: Reduction of tuition

• The value of the scholarship programme varies.

• Number of scholarships: a few

• Undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships available

• Nationality of eligibility: Students from abroad

• December 30, 2024, is the deadline for scholarship applications.

List of International Scholarships at Torrens University in Australia

1. New Brisbane Scholarship: 30% tuition discount
2. New Alternate Pathway Scholarship: 35% tuition discount
3. New Brisbane Scholarship for Latin American and European students: 35% tuition discount
4. Hospitality Motivational Scholarship: 30% tuition discount
5. Master of Business Administration (On Demand) Scholarship: 25% tuition discount
6. Alumni Scholarship: 25% tuition discount
7. Design and Creative Technology Merit Scholarship: 30% tuition discount
8. Business Merit Scholarship: 25% tuition discount
9. Japanese Undergraduate Health Science: 20% discount
10. Here to Educate: 20% tuition discount
11. Alternative Study Path Scholarship: 15% tuition discount
12. SE NE Asia & Greater China Business & Health Merit Scholarship: 20% tuition discount
13. African & Subcontinent Health Merit Scholarship: 15% tuition discount

Conditions of Eligibility for International Scholarships at Torrens University Australia

Each of the scholarships mentioned above has requirements for eligibility. It is recommended that applicants review the eligibility requirements of the programs they have chosen.

Application Guidelines for International Scholarships at Torrens University Australia

If the requirements for your desired scholarship award have been met, please complete the application by clicking the link below and send it in by December 30, 2024.

Application link: 


International scholarships from Torrens University Australia are intended for international students who can afford their tuition. It is encouraged that interested students only apply if they are able to pay the tuition after the deduction.


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