Grant for International Postdoctoral Fellowship from NIG 2024

You want to start doing research at the National Institute of Genetics in Japan, but you can’t afford it on your own. Request a grant from the International Postdoctoral Fellowship. It’s a complete grant that pays for all the expenses associated with your research at NIG.


The grant for the NIG Postdoctoral Fellowship Grant is up to 4,100,000 JPY, and winners are eligible to reapply for it up to three years after receiving their position.


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The Japanese Ministry of Education established the National Institute of Genetics (NIG) in 1949. The ministry mainly aims to use NIG for extensive and valuable genetic research. Naturally, it has been succeeding in this endeavour.


Grant Summary for NIG International Postdoctoral Fellowship


Japan is a fellowship country.


The National Institute of Genetics (NIG) is the fellowship institution.


Fellowship Type: Fully Funded


Fellowship No. : Various


International students who are receiving fellowships


Value of Fellowship: 4,100,000 JPY


Deadline for Fellowship: July 5, 2023


Requirements for NIG International Postdoctoral Fellowship Grant Eligibility 


Candidates must meet the standards for English proficiency.


Any nation in this region of the world may apply.


Criteria for NIG Postdoctoral Fellowship Grant Eligibility


Each year, it grants beneficiaries 4,100,000 JPY.


It provides mutual health insurance to recipients.


It provides participants with money for things like transportation.


Candidates need to have solid research skills.


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Candidates must possess a top-notch postgraduate degree.


Application Instructions 


The application link below has all the information you need to know about how to apply for the fellowship programme and the necessary paperwork. Please read the instructions very carefully, and use them as a guide while submitting your application. Don’t forget to upload the docs as well.


Apply Here




One of the top fellowship programmes you have ever encountered is NPFG. The benefits are excellent, and they are given based on merit. The thing you need to do to qualify as a beneficiary is to submit your application and the necessary paperwork before the deadline.


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