2023–2024 European Union Internship Programme

The European Union Internship Programme provides bright and aspirational international students the chance to advance their practical abilities. Because it is a fully financed programme, chosen students or candidates are not responsible for paying for anything linked to the internship programme or for themselves.

There are internship programmes where candidates must submit their IELTS or TOEFL scores together with application costs. None of these are necessities for students interested in the European Union Internship Programme. Only having stellar academic records will do.


Yes, the foundation for selection is the applicants’ academic records. Academic records stand out among the other eligibility requirements, though. Thus, candidates for the internship programme must have excellent academic records and fulfil all other requirements.


Up to 1800 pupils are among those who the European Union (EU) wishes to recognise for the internship. The figure is excellent. To be one of the fortunate students who will profit from everything the internship offers, you must submit your best application possible.


Overview of the European Union Internship Programme


EU nations serve as internship host nations


Sponsor of the internship programme: European Commission


Fully sponsored internship funding


International students applying for internships


Number of Internships: 1800


Deadline for Internships: August 31, 2023


Criteria for Eligibility in the European Union Internship Programme


Candidates cannot have an employment history longer than six weeks.


Candidates must possess a university degree or a comparable credential.


Benefits of the European Union Internship Programme 


The EU Internship Programme provides interns with a living stipend.


The monthly stipend for the EU Internship programme is €1,252.68.


The benefits of the EU Internship Programme include medical costs.


The perks of the EU Internship Programme include airfare.


Required Documents for the European Union Internship Programme


College transcript

authentic certificates

Letter of recommendation Passport Medical certification

Proof of English language competency

Declaration of Interest


Guidelines for Applying to Internship Programmes in the European Union


Applications must be submitted online by all applicants. Additionally, they must provide their email address and the other necessary details and supporting documents when submitting their applications.


Apply Here:



EU plans to accept 1,8000 internship applicants. However, we hope the information in this blog article will enable you to finish stronger.


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