Shared Prosperity Korea Scholarships in 2023-24

The Shared Prosperity Korea Scholarships are financial aid programmes in South Korea intended to help students from all over the world succeed. If offered, these scholarships would advance your career. This blog post contains all the information you require regarding Shared Prosperity Korea Scholarships.


The sponsor institution for Shared Prosperity Korea Scholarships is SUNY Korea, which provides undergraduate and graduate degrees and almost all courses. As a result, college students from poor nations interested in the scholarship programme can apply for their top choices.


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Free applications are available for scholarships. Before submitting their applications, interested students are not obliged to pay fees. It’s interesting to note that Shared Prosperity  Scholarships are completely financed and pay for the tuition, housing, and other costs associated with successful students’ studies.


Summary of Shared Prosperity Korea Scholarships 


Award recipient: Korea


Awarding Institution: SUNY Korea


Award Type: Funded in full


award levels: bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral


Award Recipient: Foreign students


Award Expiration: 30 June 2023


Benefits of Shared Prosperity  Scholarships


It pays the tuition.


It pays for the cost of lodging.


It pays for the tuition.


Criteria for Eligibility for Shared Prosperity Korea Scholarships 


The applicants must be citizens of developing nations.


Candidates must have top academic standing.


Candidates must demonstrate exemplary leadership and commitment to community development.


Candidates must be in good physical and mental health.


Required Materials for Shared Prosperity Korea Scholarships


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1. A degree that qualifies one


2. Certificate of English language proficiency


3. Academic record


4. A passport photocopy of the applicant


Link to the application:



Merit is a factor in the Shared Prosperity  Scholarships. Thus, only those with stellar academic records will be acknowledged.


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