2024 Hatfield Lioness Postgraduate Scholarship at Durham University, fully funded

This is good news for outstanding female students from developing countries without access to quality education. They can apply for the Hatfield Lioness Postgraduate Scholarship at Durham University.

Durham University’s Hatfield Lioness Postgraduate Scholarship is one of the best scholarship programs for encouraging and supporting the education of exceptional female students from economically disadvantaged nations.

The female students must complete their postgraduate studies at Durham University with distinction and show they have what it takes to impact their home nations positively.

For successful applicants, the Hatfield Lioness Postgraduate Scholarship fully funds living expenses, tuition, and airfare. It’s crucial to remember that male students are not eligible for this scholarship programme.

This scholarship programme is highly competitive, however. Hundreds of international female students from developing nations apply yearly, but only one is chosen to get the excellent scholarship benefits!

North Carolina-based Durham institution is a public research institution. It was established in Durham, England, in 1832. The university has more than 19,000 local and overseas students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

Hatfield Lioness Postgraduate Scholarship Synopsis

The United Kingdom is the host country for scholarships.

Durham University is the host university for scholarships.

• Master’s degree as the type of scholarship

• Type of funding for scholarships: Full funding

• One (1) scholarship degree place

• Eligible learners: Global learners

• March 31, 2024, is the deadline for scholarship applications.

The Hatfield Lioness Postgraduate Scholarship’s advantages

• For the chosen students, it pays their entire tuition.

• It provides living expenditure stipends to a chosen group of students.

• It pays the room and board costs for the chosen pupils.

• It provides airfare from home nations to a select group of applicants.

The Hatfield Lioness Postgraduate Scholarship Requirements

• Candidates must be graduates of an accredited university with a bachelor’s degree.

• Candidates have to be overseas students.

• Candidates need to have a strong academic background.

• Candidates must be proficient in the English language.

• Candidates cannot be in financial need of pursuing a master’s degree.

• Candidates cannot hold a master’s degree from a different university.

Documents Needed for the Postgraduate Hatfield Lioness Scholarship

• Academic transcript; • Durham University offer letter; • References; • IELTS certificate

Application Guidelines for Hatfield Lioness Postgraduate Scholarship

When applying for the scholarship program, candidates must upload the necessary files and fulfill all of the prerequisites listed above. For additional information about the scholarship requirements, click the link below.

Application Link:


Durham University awards the Hatfield Lioness Postgraduate Scholarship to female students from developing nations who exhibit academic distinction and financial need. This scholarship is wholly supported and covers most of the chosen applicants’ educational costs.

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