2024 EPFL Excellence Research Internship Program — Funded

Are you looking for a four-month laboratory internship? Should that be the case, you may apply for the current EPFL Excellence Research Internship Programme.

The yearly EPFL Excellence Research Internship Programme helps advance careers. All eligible students are welcome to apply, regardless of nationality, race, or religion.

Outstanding candidates with stellar resumes and applications are recognised by ERIP and given three-month laboratory internships.

In order to be considered for this esteemed program, candidates must be enrolled in universities in Singapore and North America that are partners with EPFL.

This article will be helpful if you want to apply for the EPFL Excellence Research Internship Programme since it lists the universities that qualify, along with other requirements.

Conditions of Eligibility for the EPFL Excellence Research Internship Programme

• Sponsor of the internship program: EPFL

• Switzerland is the host nation for internship programs.

• Research internships are the type of internship programme.

• Numbers of internship programs: Several

• Requirements for internship programs: undergraduate

• Qualified students: All outstanding overseas student

• Deadline to apply for an internship: November 30, 2023

Synopsis of the EPFL Excellence Research Internship Programme

• When they start the internship program, applicants must have finished their second year of undergraduate study.

• During the three months of the internship, applicants must be enrolled full-time at their home university.

• Candidates have to be enrolled at a university that qualifies.

• The foreign exchange office at the applicant’s home university must nominate them.

Institutions Eligible for Research Internship Programme of EPFL Excellence

• Carnegie Mellon University

• Johns Hopkins University

• McGill University

• Nanyang Technological University – NTU Singapore

• University of British Columbia

• University of Toronto

• University of California San Diego

• University of Waterloo

• University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The EPFL Excellence Research Internship Program’s Required Documents

• Motivation letter

• Curriculum vitae

• Official transcripts

• Choice of three EPFL laboratories

• Contact details of two references

• Scan your passport in PDF format

Application Procedure for the EPFL Excellence Research Internship Programme

EPFL reviews all applications from interested and eligible candidates, and those that make the cut are the ones that are published. Will be taken into consideration for the internship program in this exercise.


In summary

Leading colleges in Singapore, the US, and Canada are partners in the EPFL Excellence Research Internship Programme. Students seeking undergraduate degrees have access to the program.


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