OfS Scholarships for the UWE MSc in Data Science

Are you looking for scholarships to study data science and artificial intelligence [AI] at the master’s level in the UK? If you fulfil the qualifying conditions, you may apply for an Office for Students Scholarship for an MSc in Data Science at the University of the West of England in Bristol.

Office for Students established and funds the OfS Scholarships for MSc Data Science to honour exceptional students from developing nations who have achieved high academic standing. Selected candidates will receive a scholarship grant of up to £10k for tuition and other educational costs.

Summary of the MSc in Data Science Scholarship Programme

The University of the West of England in Bristol runs the scholarship programme.

The Office sponsors the scholarship programme for Students.

The scholarship is at the master’s degree level.

Successful candidates will get a scholarship of £10,000.

The prize will shortlist many kids.

International and domestic students are eligible to apply for the scholarship programme.

The deadline for applications is July 28, 2023.

MSc in Data Science Scholarship Advantages

The chosen candidates will get a £10k scholarship prize.

MSc in Data Science Scholarship Requirements

Both domestic and international students may apply for the scholarship programme.

Interested students must reside in the UK.

The candidates must be bright and well-versed in healthcare.

Applicants for the scholarship programme may be refugees.

Application Instructions

You must follow specific procedures to apply for the scholarship grant, detailed in the application link below. Please follow the instructions as you complete your application.

Link for applying: 


Your goal of attending college is only a few steps away. Make it a reality by submitting your application as quickly as you can. Remember to include your supporting documentation as well.


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