International College of Management Postgraduate Scholarships 2023–2024

Apply for the Postgraduate Scholarship at the esteemed university if you wish to study for a postgraduate degree at the International College of Management, Sydney, in the 2023–2024 academic year to lower your costs. Of course, attending ICMS involves many expenses that many students with few resources might be unable to afford.

Now that you know that ICMS offers a scholarship, submit your application before next month’s application deadline. It may help you lower the expense of attending the university. You will lose a tremendous opportunity because the International College Management, Sydney, only accepts timely applications. You are aware of what that implies.

Australia’s renowned International College of Management, Sydney, enrols students from many other nations. With its top-notch professors and classrooms, ICMS provides students with a top-notch education.

College of Management Postgraduate Scholarships Overview

Australia hosts the Postgraduate Scholarships, and the host organisation is ICMS.

ICMS sponsors the programme for scholarships.

The award is for tuition-paying students and is partially sponsored.

The postgraduate is the degree level for the scholarship.

Students who are qualified and interested may apply for ICMS Postgraduate Scholarships.

The deadline for scholarship applications is July 28, 2023.

Degree Programmes Eligible for College of Management Postgraduate Scholarships

International Business Master’s
Event Management Master’s
Master of Management (Hospitality and Tourism)
Management Master’s

Criteria for College of Management Postgraduate Scholarships Eligibility

You must be eligible to submit a scholarship application.

You have to be working towards a master’s degree.

You must have graduated from your prior undergraduate programme with a 3.20 GPA out of a possible 5.0.

You need to be a new or fresh student.

Requirements for Scholarship Applications

You must submit an essay that is 500 words or less and no longer than 1000 words.

You must submit a filled-out application.

Please provide your academic transcripts.

Guidelines for Scholarship Applications

ICMS advises all interested students to send their completed applications to [email protected] through email. The heading needs to read: ICMS Postgraduate Innovation

The following URL is the application link:


Other than the programmes mentioned above, there are none. Before submitting their applications, we advise all candidates to review the prerequisites for their desired programmes.


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