International Scholarship at Ravensbourne University in London for 2024

Ravensbourne University London is accepting applications for the International Scholarship from interested and eligible international students who want to study undergraduate programs in 2024 on a scholarship.

Because of the volume of exceptional overseas students who apply each year and the financial resources available, only a limited number of slots are available for the International Scholarship. As a result, we advise our readers to give the application careful thought.

It’s important to remember that the International Scholarship is available to students from around the world and those who need a student route visa to study undergraduate degrees in the UK in 2024–2025.

It is important to remember that the International Scholarship does not pay for the awardees’ living expenses, housing charges, or tuition. Travel and course supplies are included as part of the academic costs.

Therefore, except for travel expenses, all applicants chosen for this International Scholarship award will be responsible for covering all their academic expenses, including tuition, living expenses, textbooks, and other expenses.

Part-time employment is an option available to students at Ravensbourne University London who do not have the financial means to cover these educational expenses. Many students work part-time jobs to cover other expenses like tuition.

Ravensbourne University London is a UK-based digital media and design academic institution. It provides vocational instruction in fashion, animation, architecture and environment design, graphic design, television and broadcasting, and animation.

Ravensbourne was created in 1962. Undergraduate and graduate degree programs are available. Up to 2,500 domestic and international students attend the university. It’s among the top universities in the UK for design and digital media.

An overview of International Scholarship at Ravensbourne University.

• The United Kingdom is the host country for scholarships.

• Ravensbourne University London is the host university for the scholarship.

• Type of scholarship: Undergraduate

• Type of scholarship funding: Partial financing

• Value of the scholarship programme: N/A

* Scholarship programme spots are limited.

• Students who qualify: Foreign students

• December 31, 2024, is the deadline for scholarship applications.

Benefits of International Scholarship

If chosen for the International Scholarship, recipients will get money for their education and travel expenses.

Conditions for Eligibility for International Scholarships

• Candidates have to be overseas students.

• Applicants need to have strong academic backgrounds.

• Candidates need to own valid visas.

• Applicants must hold documentation.

• Candidates need to have gotten an offer from London’s Ravensbourne University.

How to Apply for an International Scholarship

The application guidelines can be found by opening the link below and following the instructions. They have to ensure their applications are turned in before the deadline.


International students and holders of route visas who want to enroll in undergraduate programs at Ravensbourne University London are interested in the International Scholarship. This award provides money for educational supplies and travel to a chosen group of students.


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