International Scholarship and Need-Based Aid at Ohio Wesleyan University

We have good news if you desire to pursue a Master’s degree at Ohio Wesleyan University but cannot afford the charges. The premier university provides merit-based financial help and scholarships to eligible international students. We’ll advise you on applying for the two educational aids in this blog article.


Outstanding overseas students who cannot pay the university’s tuition fees might be helped by Ohio Wesleyan University’s need-based aid and international scholarships. Their application procedure is unique, however. The requirements must be understood by students who wish to apply for the two funds.


The merit-based scholarship does not require a separate application like need-based financial aid. Students are immediately given this scholarship When they get accepted to study at Ohio Wesleyan. However, the admittance standards for the kids must have been met. Thus it merits consideration.


Ohio Wesleyan University offers scholarships and awards to international students every academic year. These grants are renewable as long as the beneficiaries achieve high academic standards. An outstanding student who works hard can receive a yearly scholarship until graduation.


Ohio Wesleyan University was founded as a private library arts institution 180 years ago. It has gained widespread scholarly acclaim both domestically and abroad. Over 1500 students attend, some foreign and American citizens, and it offers undergraduate programmes.


Ohio Wesleyan University Programme Overview


The USA is the host nation for the scholarship.


Ohio Wesleyan University is the scholarship’s host institution.


Master’s degree required for scholarship entry.


Type of scholarship funding: Partial funding


Students from abroad are eligible.


December 1st, 2023 is the deadline for scholarship applications.


Ohio Wesleyan University Advantages


Your tuition fee will be waived if you are chosen.


The chosen international students would get partial grants.


Students from other countries are not required to pay any application fees.


Ohio Wesleyan University Programme Eligibility Requirements


You ought to be a top-notch international student.


You ought to be in good bodily and mental health.


You ought to be a bachelor’s degree holder.


You ought to have an outstanding academic history.


Ohio Wesleyan University Required Programme Documents


filled-out application


Academic resume


valid passport






purpose statement


letter of recommendations


proof of English proficiency


Guidelines for Scholarship Applications


You must click the following link and adhere to the application guidelines.


International scholarships and need-based financial help are available at this website:

Apply Here




With its scholarships and need-based financial aid, Ohio Wesleyan University provides excellent international students with doors of opportunity. You can benefit from this fantastic opportunity by applying for admission to the esteemed university and demonstrating an interest in its need-based financial aid.


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