2024 Chinese Government Scholarship at Chongqing University

We advise you to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship at Chongqing University 2024 if you want to pursue your dream of receiving financial aid to study in China.

There are numerous fully and partially financed scholarships available for exceptional and gifted students in China, but the Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS) stands out.

The Chinese government established the Chinese Government Scholarship to foster better ties between Chinese nationals and foreigners.

The renowned Chinese Government Scholarship was partly established to encourage outstanding international students to seek further education in the nation.

This fully funded scholarship program offers selected students a monthly stipend and cover all costs associated with their academic experience, including tuition, housing, and medical.

Before the deadline, candidates can apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship through Chongqing University or the Chinese embassy in their home countries.

Chongqing University (CQU) is a public university located in China. It was founded 1929 in the People’s Republic of China, in Chongqing. It’s one of the nation’s oldest universities.

With more than 27,000 domestic and international students, CQU provides various undergraduate and graduate degree programs. In China, this university is highly sought after.

Description of the Chinese Government Scholarship at Chongqing University

• China is the host nation for scholarships.

• Chongqing University is the host university for scholarships.

• Type of scholarship: PhD and Master’s

• Type of funding for scholarships: Full funding

• Scholarship positions: Several

• Nationalities that qualify: Any nationality

• Closing date for applications: March 30, 2024

Benefits of the Chinese Government Scholarship at Chongqing University

• It pays for the tuition of the chosen pupils.

• It provides free housing to the chosen students.

• Free medical care is provided to specific students.

• It provides between CNY 3,000 and CNY 3,500 per month to a limited number of pupils.

Qualifications for the Chinese Government Scholarship at Chongqing University

• Applicants cannot be Chinese nationals.

• Applicants for master’s degrees must be under 35 years old and have a bachelor’s degree.

• Master’s degree holders and those under 40 can apply for Ph.D. programs.

• Applicants must apply to Chongqing University and have a strong academic record.

• Applicants need to fulfil the language requirements.

• Applicants cannot have previously received another scholarship.

Documents in Support of the Chinese Government Scholarship at Chongqing University

The following documents are required:

  • a scholarship application form
  • official transcripts
  • a diploma or certificate of highest education
  • a research proposal
  • a curriculum vitae (CV)
  • two letters of recommendation
  • a copy of a valid passport

The Chongqing University Chinese Government Scholarship Application Process

Applications must be electronically submitted by March 30, 2024, at the latest. Click the following link to view the application guidelines in further detail.

In summary

The Chinese government launched the Chongqing University Chinese Government Scholarship. Its goal is to draw more international students to China’s academic institutions. The scholarship has all of its funding secured.


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