2024-25 International Excellence Scholarship at TEDI-London

TEDI-London: The Engineering & Design Institute is seeking exceptional and gifted students with the potential to become engineers to apply for the International Excellence Scholarship.

All overseas students with strong academic credentials who wish to follow their engineering aspirations at one of the best universities in the UK are eligible to apply for the TEDI-London overseas Excellence Scholarship.

This scholarship programme has several significant advantages. The chosen applicants will receive fifty percent of the TEDI-London Engineering & Design Institute tuition expenses.

The TEDI-London International Excellence Scholarship is valid for four years. But to keep getting the 50% tuition reduction, the awardees must continue to obtain outstanding academic standing.

The Engineering & Design Institute is a UK-based academic institution home to TEDI-London. It was founded by three prestigious universities: UNSW Sydney, King’s College London, and Arizona State University.

Summary of the International Excellence Scholarship

• The United Kingdom is the host nation.

• TEDI-London is the host institution.

• Undergraduate study is being done.

• Partial funding is the sort of support.

• There are several scholarships available.

• International students are welcome to apply.

• The value of the scholarship award is N/A

• The deadline for applications is December 31, 2024.

Scholarship for International Excellence Qualifications

• Candidates must be overseas students.

• Applicants need to have received an admissions offer from TEDI-London to study.

• Candidates need to be self-sufficient.

• Candidates need to have outstanding academic records.

Benefits of an International Excellence Scholarship

Each of the four academic years they are awarded this scholarship, they will get 50% of their tuition at TEDI-London.

Application Guidelines for an International Excellence Scholarship

Interested candidates who submit their applications will be contacted for interviews; the International Excellence Scholarship will be awarded automatically to those who perform exceptionally well in these interviews. Click the following link to view the application guidelines in further detail.

 Application Link:

In summary

International students with the potential to become engineers can apply to TEDI-London for the International Excellence Scholarship. For the first four years of their academic career, 50% of the tuition will be awarded to the chosen students.


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