International Students’ Türkiye Scholarships (2024–25) (Full funding)

International students interested and qualified to pursue Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. programs starting in the 2024 academic year in Turkey are encouraged to apply for Türkiye Scholarships.

The Turkish Government sponsors the Türkiye Scholarships. This scholarship aims to enhance the number of deserving international students attending prestigious Turkish universities.

An annual maximum of 5,000 Türkiye Scholarships are granted to deserving international students, with recipients spread throughout more than 170 nations. In Turkey, these are the most scholarships offered.

The Türkiye Scholarships cover all of the costs associated with attending school, including complete tuition, housing, and health insurance, among many other things. They are, nevertheless, competitive and given out according to merit.

Please read this blog post for the application guidelines and other helpful information if you would like to apply for these prestigious scholarships and be one of the shortlisted applicants.

An Overview of International Students Türkiye Scholarships

• Turkish institutions are the host universities for scholarships.

• Turkey is the host nation for scholarships.

• Type of scholarship: PhD, Master’s, and Bachelor’s

• Type of funding for scholarships: Full funding

• Slot for the scholarship programme: 5,000

• Students who qualify: Foreign students

• Deadline for scholarship applications: N/A

The Advantages of Turkish Scholarships

Each shortlisted applicant for the Türkiye Scholarships will be given one of the following prizes:

• One-time flight ticket; accommodation; Turkish Language Course (TLC); tuition; monthly stipend; health insurance

Conditions of Eligibility for Türkiye Scholarships

Qualified overseas students who are interested are welcome to apply for these scholarships.

• To be eligible for these scholarships, applicants must apply to study at Turkish universities and have a stellar academic record.

• To be eligible for these scholarships, students must enroll in full-time degree programs.

• To be eligible for these scholarships, an applicant must fulfill all prerequisites.

• All necessary documentation must be in the possession of applicants for these scholarships.

Guidelines for Türkiye Scholarship Applications

Do you meet the eligibility requirements listed above? If so, go ahead and begin your application. Go to the application link below, complete and submit the form.



The most essential scholarships in Turkey are the Türkiye Scholarships. Over 5,000 international students can be accommodated by them, and they are presented annually. These fully financed scholarships cover the majority of the educational costs.


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