Harvard University MBA Scholarship for 2024

Talented students who want financial assistance to complete their business programs at Harvard Business School may apply for the MBA Scholarship at Harvard University.

The esteemed Harvard  MBA Scholarship is one of the most significant scholarships available for deserving international students in the USA.

The renowned MBA Scholarship is an incredible opportunity that pays for substantial educational costs, such as tuition, housing, transportation, and other expenses.

Please read this article to learn about the scholarship’s requirements, advantages, and application process before submitting your application.

A public research university in the US is called Harvard . It was created in 1636 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the United States. The university is among the oldest in the entire globe.

Almost all academic programs are offered by Harvard. It has over 19,000 domestic and international students studying the various undergraduate and postgraduate programs it provides.

An overview of Harvard University’s MBA scholarship

• The United States is the host nation.

• Harvard University is the host institution.

• It’s a postgraduate degree.

• Partial funding is the sort of support.

• There are many scholarships awarded.

• Scholarships are open to applicants from abroad.

• May 31, 2025 is the deadline for applications.

Advantages of the Harvard University MBA Scholarship

• Selected candidates will be compensated for 75% of their tuition.

• The chosen candidates’ lodging and travel expenses are paid for.

Qualifications for Harvard University MBA Scholarship

• This scholarship programme is open to applicants of all nationalities.

• Lebanese students who are interested will receive extra attention.

• Harvard University had to have extended an admissions offer to every prospective student.

supporting documentation for the MBA scholarship at Harvard University

All interested students must provide the following paperwork. Please review these and present them at the registration desk:

• Resume; • GMAT results; • Photo; • Letter of acceptance

Guidelines for Applying for Harvard University MBA Scholarships

Before the application deadline, interested candidates should email all the documents above to admissions@boustany-foundation.org. Interview invitations will be extended to those who cut.


In summary

The Harvard  MBA Scholarship aims to assist deserving international students wishing to enroll in Harvard Business School’s MBA curriculum. This partially financed fellowship partly covers the selected candidates’ significant educational costs.


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