Arizona State Scholarship Calculator: Estimate Your Eligibility in 2024

Interested in using the Arizona State Scholarship calculator to determine your potential eligibility for various scholarships available in Arizona? Get personalized estimates based on your academic achievements, financial status, and other relevant factors. Start planning for your future education today!

Arizona State Scholarship calculator helps students estimate their potential eligibility for scholarships based on various factors such as academic achievements, financial need, extracurricular activities, and demographic information. These calculators can be valuable resources for students and their families to plan for higher education expenses and explore funding opportunities.

Arizona State University offers merit scholarships, known as New American University scholarships, to incoming first-year students who demonstrate exceptional academic capabilities. Each student is eligible for only one New American University Scholarship. These merit scholarships are a valuable resource to help reduce the financial burden of attending college. However, it is strongly recommended that students complete and submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by ASU’s priority filing date to be considered for additional federal and institutional financial assistance.

Utilize this tool to obtain an estimate of the potential New American University scholarship funds you might qualify for. Please note that these estimates are provided to aid in your financial planning and are not guaranteed.

Arizona State Scholarship Calculator

Arizona State University Merit Scholarships

Discover a plethora of merit scholarships awaiting you at ASU. use the Freshman Merit Scholarship Estimator for transparency, allowing you to determine your eligibility effortlessly. Gain insights into the scholarship funds you may receive from the University.

If the Scholarship Estimator encounters any issues, you can always connect with the admissions office for a personalized estimate of scholarships.

While these scholarship estimates provide valuable insights, they are not officially binding. You eagerly anticipate your official financial aid award letter upon acceptance.

Arizona State University’s Tuition & Financial Aid:

Arizona State University sets its tuition at $12,051 for in-state students and $32,193 for out-of-state students. Comparing these figures with the national averages of $11,560 for in-state and $27,320 for out-of-state tuition, ASU’s costs may appear higher. These numbers encompass tuition and fees, often called the sticker price, which may cover various campus services like libraries, gyms, student centers, technology, and health facilities.

When evaluating the costs of different institutions, it’s essential to consider the total expenses and the net price. The total cost includes the sticker price, room and board, books and supplies, transportation, and personal expenses. At ASU, in-state students face a total cost of $31,127, while out-of-state students encounter $50,101. The net price reflects the average university cost after deducting aid and scholarship funds from the total cost. On average, in-state students see a net price of $23,060, while out-of-state students receiving need-based aid pay around $45,551.

Eligibility for New American University scholarships at Arizona State University

  • ASU merit scholarships are exclusively available to first-time, first-year students who begin enrolling at ASU immediately following high school graduation. If a student enrolls at another institution for anything other than summer courses post-graduation, they forfeit eligibility for the merit scholarship.
  • New American University scholarships are accessible to full-time, on-campus students registered for iCourses and ASU Sync. They do not apply to ASU Online students.
  • Students enrolled at ASU’s West Valley or Polytechnic campuses may potentially receive an additional award alongside their New American University scholarship.

Awarding of New American University Scholarships

  • Admitted students are automatically considered for ASU merit scholarships until May 1.
  • New American University scholarships are granted based on the information provided in the admission application. Academic information, such as GPA or competency courses, is not recalculated for scholarship considerations post-admission.
  • ASU merit scholarships are determined based on various factors, including high school GPA in core competencies, the number of competencies completed or in progress, and the degree program, residency, and campus of admission. ACT or SAT scores are not required for eligibility. Changes in a degree program, residency, or campus may result in scholarship adjustments.
  • While ACT or SAT scores are not mandatory for scholarship eligibility, providing them may increase scholarship awards. ASU must receive test scores by May 1 for consideration.
  • If a student is offered a New American University scholarship, any funds earned through RaiseMe micro-scholarships will be incorporated into the total ASU New American University scholarship offered. They are not provided in addition to the merit scholarship amount.
  • Changes in program, residency, or campus may lead to adjustments in the scholarship amount.

Considerations on Student Loan Debt at Arizona State University:

The amount of student loan debt you accrue can significantly impact your financial well-being long after graduation. Ideally, your total student loan debt should be manageable compared to your expected starting salary.

Arizona State University’s median federal loan debt for undergraduate degree completers is $19,500. For those repaying federal loans over 10 years at 5.05% interest, the median monthly payment would be approximately $207.

Furthermore, approximately 7% of ASU graduating students relied on private loans. The average private loan debt upon graduation amounted to $37,436 among these borrowers.

Conclusion on Arizona State Scholarship Calculator

Your college expenses at ASU are unique to you. Factors like your major, campus, credit load, and residency status all influence your final bill. Our ASU tuition calculator simplifies this process, giving you a quick estimate in 30 seconds. Input a few details, and see what to expect for your costs.”


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