UNIABUJA School Fees For 2023/2024 Academic Session

We are happy to notify incoming and returning students contacting us about the UNIABUJA school fees that the school administration has issued the tuition for the 2023–24 academic year.

We recommend reading this blog article if you are a new or returning student and want to know how much you will need to spend. The university levies additional fees in addition to the most significant, the UNIABUJA school fees.

It’s crucial to remember that returning and first-year UNIABUJA students pay somewhat different tuition. Additionally, the fees are assessed taking into account the students’ department, level, and teacher.

The University of Abuja’s management also considers citizenship when determining tuition costs. For example, native residents of Abuja do not pay the same tuition as native residents of other states.

UNIABUJA School Fees – School Administration

The University of Abuja’s management has the last say regarding tuition. The management has announced the UNIABUJA school fees in the table below. It is recommended that all students, new and old, review their tuition costs.

Academic FacultyFreshers – School FeesReturning Students – School Fees
AgricultureN137,500N123,000 – N126,000
Health SciencesN205,000 – N225,000N205,000 – N225,000
EngineeringN102,000 – N118,000N102,000 – N118,000
Management SciencesN84,000N84,000
ScienceN95,000 – N105,000N95,000 – N105,000
Social SciencesN84,000 – N94,000N84,000 – N94,000

UNIABUJA School Fees for Postgraduate Students

We want to inform the public that the above tuition prices apply to new and returning undergraduate students. New and returning postgraduate students should use the school’s portal to determine their tuition costs.

About the University of Abuja

UNIABUJA School Fees

The University of Abuja was established in 1988 in the Nigerian capital of Abuja. It’s one of the nation’s most sought-after universities. Despite being founded in 1988, the university didn’t begin accepting students until 1990.

Diploma, undergraduate, graduate, and Centre for Distance Learning School programs are offered by the University of Abuja. The majority of its thousands of students are from northern Nigeria. The university is considered to be among the best in the nation.

In summary

Both new and returning undergraduate students’ UNIABUJA school fees are shown in the above table. The university’s administration sets the tuition rates, and returning and prospective students are encouraged to pay their tuition before the application deadline.


How many campuses does UNIABUJA have?

The University of Abuja has two campuses.

How many students does UNIABUJA admit yearly?

The University of Abuja admits around 4,000 students every academic year.

Is UNIABUJA form out for 2023?

The University of Abuja management has released the 2023-24 academic session post-UTME form.

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What is the full meaning of UNIABUJA?

UNIABUJA means the University of Abuja.

When was UNIABUJA founded?

January 1, 1988, was the year the University of Abuja was established.


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