Philomath University School Fees 2024-25 Academic Session

Don’t worry if all you’re interested in learning about is the Philomath University school fees. You may view the Philomath University school fees and requirements for admission to this esteemed university on this website. Now, let’s move!

Every year, we get a tonne of emails from prospective students and returning students asking about the cost of attending Philomath University for the upcoming academic year.

We wait for the school administration to meet and decide on the tuition for new and returning students at the esteemed university before providing them with an accurate answer regarding the Philomath University school fees. We will then update this page.

The Philomath University administration convened and determined the tuition prices for both new and returning students for the 2024–25 academic year. We will provide the resolutions to any worried students in this blog post.

Philomath University School Fees As Per The School Administration

The cost of attending Philomath University varies. For example, first-year students pay a different tuition than recurring students. It is also not the case that students studying law, medicine, or economics pay the same tuition.

In the same way, students who pursue courses in education, psychology, political science, and sociology do not pay the same tuition. On the other hand, the cost of attending Philomath University varies from N1,480,000 to N2,400,00.

The Philomath University school fees for all courses for the 2024–25 academic year are indicated in the table below. Students who are worried are urged to review their school fees on the table and promptly take the appropriate measures.

Philomath University School Fees: Table

Courses Faculty Duration of Study Fees
LAW LL.B Law 5 yrs #2,400,000
PRIVATE & PROPERTY LAW Law 4 yrs #2,400,000
PUBLIC & INTERNATIONAL LAW Law 4 yrs #2,400,000
ECONOMICS B.SC Social Sciences 4 yrs #1,480,000
INTERNATIONAL RELATION BSC (HONS) Social Sciences 4 yrs #1,480,000
CRIMINOLOGY & SECURITY STUDIES BSC (HONS) Social Sciences 4 yrs #1,480,000
BANKING & FINANCE BSC (HONS) Management Sciences 4 yrs #1,480,000
BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BSC (HONS) Management Sciences 4 yrs #1,480,000
ENTREPRENEURSHIP BSC (HONS) Management Sciences 4 yrs #1,480,000
PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION BSC (HONS) Management Sciences 4 yrs #1,480,000

About Philomath University, Kuje, Abuja

Philomath University School Fees

Image Source: Philomath University Classroom: Wikipedia

Privately owned Philomath University is a university in Nigeria. In 2019, it was founded in Kuje, Abuja. The university, which provides undergraduate and graduate degree programs, is among the best private universities in the nation.

Philomath University Admission Requirements

All potential Philomath University, Kuje, Abuja students should review these prerequisites for admission to set their goals. They can only be considered for admission to the institution if they fulfill the requirements, which we will soon disclose.

In addition to having strong test results, applicants must have completed at least five O’Level credits, including maths and English, to be admitted to Philomath University through the UTME. They need to have at least 180 on the UTME.

To be eligible for admission to Philomath University via Direct Entry (DE), applicants must have completed their National Diploma (ND) and National Certificate of Education (NCE) with honors—the educational establishments from where they received their credentials need to be acknowledged and validated.


You may see the Philomath University tuition costs as reported by the school administration. A brief overview of Philomath University’s history has also been presented. We urge you to complete the required activities about the school fees before the deadline.


Is Philomath University a private university?

Philomath University is a privately owned university.

Which state is Philomath University located in Nigeria?

Philomath University is in Kuje, Abuja, Nigeria.

What is Philomath High School ranked?

Philomath holds the 6,575th position in the National Rankings.

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