2023 Fully Funded New Zealand Scholarships 


New Zealand Scholarships: Interested in 2023 Fully Funded New Zealand Scholarships? New Zealand Scholarships are now accepting applications for the 2023–2024 academic year. It consists of a list of 5,000 fully funded New Zealand scholarships through 2023. 

International applications are welcome for the New Zealand Scholarships. Bachelor, Master, PhD, and Post Doctoral degree programs are eligible for New Zealand Scholarships. The New Zealand government provides funding for the majority of scholarships. New Zealand has a lot to offer, with a top-notch educational system and recognised credentials worldwide. 

You must submit an online application for 2023 Fully Funded New Zealand Scholarships. The benefit of studying in New Zealand is that there is no obligation to return to the nation.

The New Zealand Scholarship has a 4-year duration. For a Master’s, two years, and three years. The programs are all in English. This is one of the reasons to continue your study in New Zealand. In New Zealand, there are just eight universities. Because of this, only some people apply there. But if someone uses it, this also increases your probability. 

Information on the 2023 Fully Funded New Zealand Scholarships

  • Country: New Zealand
  • Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD degrees
  • Fully Funded
  • Deadline: Varies 

Scholarships at Auckland University of Technology

New Zealand’s Auckland University of Technology Scholarships. Numerous scholarships are available for New Zealand students who want to study abroad and for international students who wish to pursue their education at any level. Applications are being accepted for the class of 2023.

  • The deadline is in May and November each year
  • For more details: Click Here

University of Auckland Excellence Scholarships for International Students

International undergraduate and graduate students can get up to $10,000 from this new grant to help pay tuition costs. The scholarship has a two-year term. Up to 50 scholarships will be given out each year.

For more details: Click Here

Government Scholarships in New Zealand

The New Zealand government offers scholarships for undergraduate, Master’s, and doctoral degrees. New Zealand provides scholarships for qualifying residents of developing nations who wish to study abroad at a university or educational institution in New Zealand or the Pacific.

Scholarships for Undergraduate and Graduate Study

International students who meet the requirements can use these full-time tertiary scholarships to study full-time at a university in New Zealand or the Pacific.

Scholarships for Short-Term Training for Residents of the Pacific and Timor-Leste:

These short-term grants help workers from eligible Pacific countries, and Timor-Leste gets training to improve their skills and work experience in the real world.

Scholarships for Short-Term Training for Residents of Timor-Leste and Southeast Asia

These short-term grants help workers from Southeast Asian countries and Timor-Leste who qualify to learn new skills.

Scholarships for English Language Instruction for Officials (NZELTO)

These are short fellowships for qualified government officials from Africa and Asia to study English in New Zealand.

New Zealand University of Otago Scholarships

International candidates may apply at any time for this scholarship. There’s no cutoff date. Otago University has 200 doctoral scholarships that any student from anywhere in the world can apply for. 

New Zealand’s Wellington Scholarships

The institution offers the Wellington New Zealand Scholarship in every field of study. Doctoral programs are also eligible for the scholarship. Fulfil your academic goals by submitting a scholarship application. Every year, they give both new and continuing students hundreds of scholarships.


Visit here for further information.

International Excellence Scholarship from the University of Waikato

The University of Waikato Scholarship 2022 can be used for bachelor’s, Master’s, or doctoral programs. Everyone who is applying to a university for the first time is eligible.

  • Degree Level: B.A., M.A., PhD. Degree 
  • Due Date: Whenever
  • Visit Here for further information.

Lincoln University International Taught Master Merit Scholarships

The International Taught Master Merit Scholarships are available to international students at Lincoln University who want to get a Master’s degree.

University of Canterbury (UC) Scholarships

University of Canterbury Scholarships 2022–2023 is available for international students who want to study at the undergraduate or graduate level. This is one of the best ways for international students to get something out of studying in New Zealand this year.


2023 Fully Funded Canadian University of Alberta Scholarships

2023 Funded University of Saskatchewan Scholarships in Canada 

BI Presidential Scholarship: 2023 in Norway for International students 

Royal Thai Government Scholarships: 2023 in Thailand (Fully Funded)

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