2024 Tahir Scholarship Programme

Outstanding international students worldwide have a fantastic opportunity to pursue their higher education aspirations through the 2024 Tahir Scholarship Programme. We will discuss the details of the Tahir Scholarship in this post, along with its goals, requirements, instructions for applying, advantages, and more.

The Tahir Scholarship, founded by the prestigious Tahir Foundation, aims to find and support extraordinary people who exhibit exceptional skill, passion, and a strong desire to make a big difference in their communities and fields of study.

Thanks to a kind gesture from Dato’ Sri Prof. DR. Tahir, a well-known Indonesian businessman and philanthropist who founded the Mayapada Group, the Tahir Scholarship was established in 2015.

Motivated by a strong conviction that education may catalyze constructive transformation and the advancement of society, Dato’ Sri Prof. DR. Tahir founded the Tahir Scholarship to offer financial assistance and educational chances to worthy individuals.

The Tahir Scholarship has been instrumental in helping many students achieve their academic goals since it was established. The competitive scholarship considers financial need, community service, leadership potential, and academic accomplishment.

Summary of the Tahir Scholarship Programme

• Scholarship host country: Singapore
• Scholarship host university: Singapore Management University
• Scholarship degree level: Undergraduate & Postgraduate
• Scholarship number: Numerous
• Application deadline: May 31, 2024

The Tahir Scholarship Program’s advantages

• The winning applicant may use the scholarship award for the full four years of their academic programme.

• The annual payout to each accepted candidate will be $15,000.

Qualifications for the Tahir Scholarship Initiative

• Interested students should have a track record of exceptional academic accomplishments that attest to their dedication to excellence in their subject of study.

• Students interested in this program must exhibit leadership potential by actively participating in extracurricular activities, volunteering in the community, or engaging in other projects, highlighting their capacity to motivate and impact others.

• Interested students should have a global perspective, showcasing their knowledge of international concerns and dedication to intercultural communication and cooperation.

• Due to limited financial resources, interested students must show they can financially support their education.

• Students interested in applying must fulfill the prerequisites for admission to the university or program, as outlined in the scholarship standards.

How to Apply for the Tahir Scholarship Programme

Students who meet the requirements and are interested should click the link below. Before the deadline, they should upload the necessary files and submit their applications.



The 2024 Tahir Scholarship is a fantastic chance to enable deserving people to follow their dreams of being leaders and scholars. The scholarship seeks to develop the next generation of global leaders and change-makers by offering financial assistance, mentorship, and a platform for personal and professional growth.


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