KUST Cut-off Mark for Admission Exercise in 2023–2024

KUST cut-off mark: We want to notify all aspiring students that the Kano State University of Technology has made the cut-off point for the 2023–2024 admissions process public. This article includes a brief history of the esteemed university and comprehensive information regarding the cut-off mark.

According to the university’s administrators, students who received a score of 160 or more on their most recent Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) are qualified to participate in the Kano State University of Technology’s post-UTME.

Potential students must receive a minimum score of 160 on the KUST, the cut-off mark. It’s crucial to remember that the university’s competitive courses have a minimum requirement of 180 and above and require more than 160.

Competitive courses include nursing, law, medicine, and surgery, to name a few. A minimum of 180 marks is required for prospective students to be admitted to Kano State University of Technology.

KUST Cut-off Mark — Departmental

Each department has a deadline at Kano State University of Technology (KUST). We strongly advise aspiring students to review the table below for the programs’ respective cut-off marks.

KUST Cut-off Mark — Table


SNCoursesCut-off Mark


1Agricultural economics and extension160 and above
2Agricultural engineering160 and above
3Agricultural education160 and above
4Animal science160 and above
5Architecture160 and above
6Automotive engineering160 and above
7Biochemistry160 and above
8Biology160 and above
9Chemistry160 and above
10Civic engineering160 and above
11Computer science160 and above
12Crop science160 and above
13Education and biology160 and above
14Education and chemistry160 and above
15Education and geography160 and above
16Education and mathematics160 and above
17Education and physics160 and above
18Electrical engineering160 and above
19Environment engineering160 and above
20Forestry, fisheries and wildlife160 and above


21Food science and technology160 and above
22Geography160 and above
23Geography160 and above
24Geology160 and above
25Human Kinetics160 and above
26Health education160 and above
27Information and communication technology160 and above
28Library and information science160 and above
29Mathematics160 and above
30Mechanical engineering160 and above
31Mechatronics engineering160 and above
32Microbiology160 and above
33Physics160 and above
34Science laboratory technology160 and above
35Statistics160 and above
36Soil science160 and above
37Urban and regional planning160 and above
38Water resources and environment engineering160 and above

About Kano State University of Technology

The government owns Kano State University of Technology (KUST). It was founded in Nigeria’s Kano State in 2001. With thousands of students, the University of Technology provides undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Visit kustwudil.edu.ng for detailed information about KUST.

KUST Cut-off Mark – Conclusion

The lowest possible UTME score needed from potential applicants is 160 KUST. Admission to medical and surgical, nursing, and legal programs requires a score of 180 or above.

KUST Cut-off Mark – FAQs

What is the cut-off mark for Kano State University 2023/2024?

It’s between 160 and 180. The former is for students pursuing less competitive courses, and the latter is for competitive courses.

What is the cut-off mark for agriculture in KUST?

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You have to score 160 and above to be admitted to study Agriculture at Kano State University of Technology (KUST).

How can I get admission to KUST?

Have a minimum of five credits in your O’Level and write UTME. If you score 160 and above, you will write the school’s post-UTME; if you score good marks, you will be offered admission.


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