2024 Ghent University Doctoral Scholarships in Belgium

Interested and qualified individuals who want to pursue their PhD studies in Belgium in 2024 can apply now through the Ghent University PhD  Doctoral Scholarships application page.

These esteemed Ph.D. Scholarships are intended for exceptional students from developing nations who want to enroll in Ph.D. programs at some of Belgium’s top universities but cannot pay the hefty tuition.

The Doctoral Scholarships at Ghent University are partially sponsored. As a result, through the Special Research Fund, one of its sources of educational funding, they will only partially pay for the successful candidates’ educational expenses.

The doctoral scholarship applicants must intend to complete half of their graduate degrees at Ghent University and the other half in their native countries—twenty-four months at Ghent minimum.

Another name for Ghent University is UGent. Founded in 1817, this public research university is located in Ghent, Belgium. Now, the university boasts over 40,000 students and is among the oldest in the nation.

Postgraduate and undergraduate programs are available at Ghent University. Among its faculties are the faculties of philosophy and the arts, bioscience engineering, law, sciences, medicine and health sciences, engineering and architecture, economics and business administration, and science.

Ghent University PhD Scholarships Overview

The host nation for the scholarship is Belgium.

The host institution for the scholarship is Ghent University.

PhD scholarship studies are offered.

Students from abroad are welcome to apply.

There are lots of scholarships available.

The deadline for applications is February 24, 2024.

Doctoral Scholarships at Ghent University: Qualifications

1. Students who are interested must be nationals of the developing nations that qualify.

2. Interested students must submit a joint research proposal.

3. Interested Female students can apply.

4. People who are interested in development-related topics are given priority.

5. The initial part of their study stay needs to start between October 10, 2024, and February 28, 2025.

6. You need to plan to pursue a joint PhD at Ghent University to be eligible.

7. If you are starting your PhD, you can apply for a doctoral fellowship.

Benefits of Ghent University Doctoral Scholarships

1. For a period of 24 months, a portion of the successful applicants’ tuition is waived.

2. It provides €310 every month to cover research costs.

3. The Ghent University Doctoral Scholarships in Europe provide up to €8,000 toward travel expenses.

4. It provides the chance for those who are accepted to travel and carry out research around Europe.

Guidelines for Applying to Doctoral Scholarships at Ghent University

It is recommended that all applicants click the following website to get more information about the scholarship application. Additionally, it is recommended that they submit their applications according to all of the guidelines therein. is the application URL.


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In summary

The Ghent University Doctoral Scholarships provide outstanding advantages to deserving students from disadvantaged nations. Before submitting their application, interested students should ensure their nation is listed as one of the qualifying nations.

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