BUK School Fees for the Academic Year 2024–2025

Welcome if all you’re looking for is the BUK school fees for the 2024–25 academic year. This page provides information on BUK school fees and a synopsis of the esteemed university.

Who sets the BUK school fees?

Every academic year, the Bayero University Kano administrators convene to discuss the tuition costs that new and returning students must pay.

We want to notify our valued readers that the Bayero University Kano authorities have formally issued the BUK school fees for the 2024–25 academic year.

The school administration states that the BUK school fees are N90,000 and above.

The BUK charges department-based school fees for both new and returning students. We advise students to review the table below to determine their school expenses.

Table of BUK School Fees

The BUK school fees for both new and returning students for the 2024–2025 academic year are included in this table. Please verify your tuition cost and complete the required actions before the payment gateway closes.


(100L UTME)


(200L DE)



1B. (Ed) Science & Technical EducationN110,000N110,000N100,000N300,000
2B.A. (Ed)N110,000N110,000N100,000N300,000
3B.A. (Ed) Adult Education and Community ServicesN110,000N110,000N100,000N300,000
4B.A. (Ed) ArabicN110,000N110,000N100,000N300,000
5B.A. (Ed) Early Childhood EducationN110,000N110,000N100,000N300,000
6B.A. (Ed) EducationN110,000N110,000N100,000N300,000
7B.A. (Ed) EnglishN110,000N110,000N100,000N300,000
8B.A. (Ed) FrenchN110,000N110,000N100,000N300,000
9B.A. (Ed) GeographyN110,000N110,000N100,000N300,000
10B.A. (Ed) HausaN110,000N110,000N100,000N300,000
11B.A. (Ed) HistoryN110,000N110,000N100,000N300,000
12B.A. (Ed) Islamic StudiesN110,000N110,000N100,000N300,000
13B.A. (Ed) Primary Education₦110,000N110,000N100,000N300,000
14B.A. (Ed) Special EducationN110,000N110,000N100,000N300,000
15B.A. (Ed) Special Education/EconomicsN110,000N110,000N100,000N300,000
16B.A. (Ed) Special Education/EnglishN110,000N110,000N100,000N300,000
17B.A. (Ed) Special Education/GeographyN110,000N110,000N100,000N300,000
18B.A. (Ed) Special Education/HausaN110,000N110,000N100,000N300,000
19B.A. (Ed) Special Education/HistoryN110,000N110,000N100,000N300,000
20B.A. (Ed) Special Education/Islamic StudiesN110,000N110,000N100,000N300,000
21B.A. (Ed) Special Education/Pol ScienceN110,000N110,000N100,000N300,000
22B.A. (Ed) Special Education/SociologyN110,000N110,000N100,000N300,000
23B.A./B.Sc. Library and Information ScienceN110,000N110,000N100,000N300,000
24B.A. ArabicN105,000N105,000N95,000N200,000
25B.A. Arts CombinedN105,000N105,000N95,000N200,000
26B.A. EnglishN105,000N105,000N95,000N200,000
27B.A. FrenchN105,000N105,000N95,000N200,000
28B.A. HausaN105,000N105,000N95,000N200,000
29B.A. HistoryN105,000N105,000N95,000N200,000
30B.A. Islamic StudiesN105,000N105,000N95,000N200,000
31B.A. Library and Information ScienceN110,000N110,000N100,000N300,000
32B.A. LinguisticsN105,000N105,000N95,000N200,000
33B.A. ShariaN105,000N105,000N95,000N200,000
34B.A. Theatre and Performing ArtsN110,000N110,000N100,000N400,000
35B. Agric Economics and ExtensionN111,000N111,000N101,000N400,000
36B. AgricultureN111,000N111,000N101,000N400,000
37B. Dental SurgeryN170,000N170,000N160,000N600,000
38B.Eng. Agricultural EngineeringN111,000N111,000N101,000N400,000
39B.Eng. Chemical EngineeringN111,000N111,000N101,000N400,000
40B.Eng. Civil EngineeringN111,000N111,000N101,000N400,000
41B.Eng. Computer EngineeringN111,000N111,000N101,000N400,000
42B.Eng. Electrical EngineeringN111,000N111,000N101,000N400,000
43B.Eng. Irrigation EngineeringN111,000N111,000N101,000N400,000
44B.Eng. Mechanical EngineeringN111,000N111,000N101,000N400,000
45B.Eng. Mechatronics EngineeringN111,000N111,000N101,000N400,000
46B.Eng. Petroleum EngineeringN111,000N111,000N101,000N400,000
47B.Eng. Telecommunication EngineeringN111,000N111,000N101,000N400,000
48B. Fisheries and AquacultureN111,000N111,000N101,000N400,000
49B. Food Science and TechnologyN111,000N111,000N101,000N400,000
50B. Forestry and Wildlife ManagementN111,000N111,000N101,000N400,000
51B. Medical Laboratory ScienceN150,000N150,000N140,000N600,000
52B. Nursing ScienceN150,000N150,000N140,000N600,000
53B. PhysiotherapyN150,000N150,000N140,000N600,000
54B. RadiographyN150,000N150,000N140,000N600,000
55B.Sc. (Ed)N110,000N110,000N100,000N300,000
56B.Sc. (Ed) Adult EducationN110,000N110,000N100,000N300,000
57B.Sc. (Ed) AgricultureN110,000N110,000N100,000N300,000
58B.Sc. (Ed) Applied BiologyN110,000N110,000N100,000N300,000
59B.Sc. (Ed) BiologyN110,000N110,000N100,000N300,000
60B.Sc. (Ed) ChemistryN110,000N110,000N100,000N300,000
61B.Sc. (Ed) EconomicsN110,000N110,000N100,000N300,000
62B.Sc. (Ed) EducationN110,000N110,000N100,000N300,000
63B.Sc. (Ed) GeographyN110,000N110,000N100,000N300,000
64B.Sc. (Ed) Geography (STE)N110,000N110,000N100,000N300,000
65B.Sc. (Ed) Health EducationN110,000N110,000N100,000N300,000
66B.Sc. (Ed) MathematicsN110,000N110,000N100,000N300,000
67B.Sc. (Ed) Physical EducationN110,000N110,000N100,000N300,000
68B.Sc. (Ed) Physical and Health EducationN110,000N110,000N100,000N300,000
69B.Sc. (Ed) PhysicsN110,000N110,000N100,000N300,000
70B.Sc. (Ed) ScienceN110,000N110,000N100,000N300,000
71B.Sc. (Ed) Special EducationN110,000N110,000N100,000N300,000
72B.Sc. (Ed) Special Education/BiologyN110,000N110,000N100,000N300,000
73B.Sc. (Ed) Special Education/MathematicsN110,000N110,000N100,000N300,000
74B.Sc. AccountingN107,000N107,000N97,000N200,000
75B.Sc. Agricultural Extension (SAFE Programme)N111,000N111,000N101,000N400,000
76B.Sc. AnatomyN150,000N150,000N140,000N600,000
77B.Sc. Applied BiologyN112,000N112,000N102,000N400,000
78B.Sc. ArchitectureN115,000N115,000N105,000N400,000
79B.Sc. Banking and FinanceN107,000N107,000N97,000N200,000
80B.Sc. BiochemistryN150,000N150,000N140,000N600,000
81B.Sc. BiologyN112,000N112,000N102,000N400,000
82B.Sc. BotanyN112,000N112,000N102,000N400,000
83B.Sc. Business AdministrationN105,000N105,000N95,000N200,000

About Bayero University Kano

BUK School Fees

Photo Source: MySchoolGist

Federal University Bayero University Kano (BUK) is situated in Nigeria. It was founded in Kano State in 1975. Ahmadu Bello College, Abdullahi Bayero College, and Bayero University College were the previous names of the institution.

Undergraduate and graduate programs are available at BUK. More than 30,000 pupils attend it. The university is regarded as one of Nigeria’s top universities. The 2023 edition of the World Universities Ranking comes in at position 1016.

BUK School Fees – Conclusion

For all students searching for the BUK school fees, the above table shows the tuition prices according to the management of Bayero University Kano (BUK).

BUK School Fees – FAQs

How much are Bayero University Kano school fees for 2023/2024?

The Bayero University Kano (BUK) school fees vary from department to department. However, it is N90,000 and above.

Has Buk started selling post-UTME forms?

Bayero University Kano (BUK) has started selling its post-UTME form, and it is sold for N2,000.

What is the cut-off mark for Bayero University Kano?

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Applicants have to score 180 and above in their UTME.

Did Buk increase their school fees?

Almost all the academic institutions in Nigeria have increased their school fees.

Is BUK a federal university?

Bayero University Kano is one of the universities owned by the federal government.


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