2024 ADB-Japan Scholarship Program

Hi there, seeker of dreams! Buckle up—the 2024 ADB-Japan Scholarship Program (JSP) may be your ticket to success if you’ve been searching for a way to combine your academic goals with a desire to impact the world positively!

A scholarship program provides financial aid for your studies and gives you the contacts, expertise, and information you need to start a change-making business in your community. That is how the ADB-JSP works. It’s about realizing your potential to build a better future for yourself and others, not just about earning a degree.

We will go into the specifics of the esteemed 2024 ADB-Japan Scholarship Program in this post, covering its goals, prerequisites, application procedure, advantages, and the potential to significantly alter your scholastic and career trajectory.

This esteemed scholarship programme annually helps hundreds of overseas students who excel academically. For the 2024 program, ADB-JSP seeks to identify and honor 135 graduate students studying science, technology, business and management, economics, and other development-related subjects.

This scholarship program gives students from Asia and the Pacific region an excellent opportunity to pursue higher education aspirations. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Japanese government are partners in funding this esteemed scholarship, which seeks to train future leaders who will support the growth of their home nations.

ADB-Japan Scholarship Program Summary

• Scholarship host country: Japan
• Scholarship host university: Top universities in Japan
• Scholarship degree level: PhD
• Scholarship funding type: Full funding
• Scholarship spots: 135
• Eligible students: International students
• Application deadline: Not yet

Requirements for ADB-Japan Scholarship Program Eligibility

Those who wish to apply for the ADB-Japan Scholarship Program must fulfill the requirements listed below:
• Candidates must be nationals of nations that make up the ADB.
• Candidates must have strong academic records and a bachelor’s degree or equivalent.
• Candidates must have worked as professionals for at least two years, full-time (no internships or part-time work allowed).
• Written and spoken English proficiency is required of applicants.
• Candidates must be under 35 when they submit their applications.

Benefits of the ADB-Japan Scholarship Program

• Full tuition fees will be awarded to successful students.
• A monthly stipend for subsistence will be awarded to the successful candidates.
• Housing will be provided for selected candidates.
• Books and educational resources will be given to the chosen individuals.
• Those who are selected will receive health insurance
• This scholarship programme covers the travel expenses of successful candidates.

How to Apply for the ADB-Japan Scholarship Program

To apply for the ADB-Japan Scholarship Program, take the following actions:

• Applicants must investigate and determine which participating universities provide the eligible academic programs.

• Candidates are responsible for evaluating each program’s particular qualifying standards and admission requirements.

• Candidates should gather the necessary paperwork, such as certifications, transcripts of their education, employment history, test results for English language proficiency, and recommendation letters.

• Applicants must fill out the online application, ensuring all the information is correct and current.

• Within the allotted time, candidates must submit their application and any supporting documentation.
• Shortlisted students will receive an invitation to participate in a video conference or in-person interview.

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Students from Asia and the Pacific region have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pursue higher education and support the development of their home countries through the 2024 ADB-Japan Scholarship Program. Selected scholars are provided with financial assistance, access to high-quality education, and an opportunity to hone their leadership abilities through this esteemed fellowship.


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