Xiamen University CSC Scholarships 2023-24


Have you been searching for scholarships to study in a Chinese university? The Xiamen University CSC Scholarships are for an ambitious student like you. The scholarships are fully-funded and they cover all the costs of study at the University.

Xiamen University accepts applications of all qualified and outstanding International students for the scholarship programme. Students can apply for Bachelors, Master’s and Doctoral programmes at the university for the 2023-24 academic session.

Xiamen University in China offers courses most universities offer.

Established in 1921, Xiamen University is one of the leading institutions in China. The University is a research university and it has over 80 undergraduate programmes.

About Xiamen University CSC Scholarships 2023-24

• Host University: Xiamen University
• Programme: Bachelors, Masters & PhD
• Scholarship Type: Fully-funded
• Eligible Student: International students
• Scholarship deadline: February 28, 2023

Eligibility Requirements

• Students must not be Chinese citizens and be in good health.

• Bachelor’s Students: possess a high school diploma or above and be below 25 years of age.

• Master’s Students: possess a Bachelor’s degree or above and be below 40 years of age.

• Doctoral Students: possess a Master’s degree or above and be below of 45 years of age.

Benefits of Scholarships

• The scholarship has lots of perks in stock for all the students that will be shortlisted.


Application Procedure

• Students should complete the online application at https://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn (Programme Category: Type BAgency No. 10384) and print out the Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarships. Students can complete the Scholarships Application Form in English or Chinese and should be signed by the students.

• Also, students should complete an online application at http://application.xmu.edu.cn and upload the scan copy of Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarships.

Apply for Scholarship Here


Students can only apply for this scholarship once as double application may lead to an automatic disqualification.

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