USA Universities With Application Fee Waivers In 2023

Do you desire to study in the United States but being discouraged by the high tuition fee? You’re reading the right post right now as you will learn about universities in the US with application fee waiver.

Foreign students, especially those who are nationals of developing countries where the exchange rates are very high, find it difficult to pay the non-refundable $60 to $75 demanded by their preferred colleges and universities to process their applications.

The application fees are often charged by the host colleges and universities, and every student pays it as processing fees, and are not refundable.

We’ve compiled a list of universities in the USA with application fee waivers for qualified aspirants who are willing to study in the US.

How Will You Get Application Fee Waivers?

Getting application fee waiver isn’t a rocket science. Through the following, you can get application fee waivers;

  • Mailing program coordinators/ Office of Graduate School Admissions

Applicants are required to send an e-mail to the grad school coordinator of their programs or the office of postgraduate school admissions of their preferred institutions, to make a request for application fee waivers. The email should show your destitution and the lack of financial ability to pay the fee.

  • Early Application

The aspirants who apply early are sometimes fortunate to enjoy application waivers. Applying early does not just grant applicants fee waivers, it also gives them a very high chance of getting picked.

  • Attending Graduate School Fair or Open Day

Most times, the attendees of graduate school fair sessions are offered free coupons for application fee waivers. So, aspirants should visit the graduate school website of their preferred institutions to register and attend the virtual program.

  • Using Free Code on the School’s Website

Some colleges and universities provide free codes to few students on their application portal. The codes will work for just a few number of students before it stops working.

USA Universities with Application Fee Waivers


The above schools in the United States have application fee waiver. However, it’s advisable for you to apply for it as soon as possible before the portal will get crowded.


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