How to Apply for Science Foundation Ireland Supplemental Awards for Displaced Ukraine Researchers, Ireland

Scholarship application opens for 2022/23 academic session.

The Science Foundation Ireland is offering Supplemental awards to displaced Ukrainian researchers in Ireland. This career-supporting awards are designed for the 2022/2023 academic session.

SFI is designed to support Ukrainian STEM researchers who have fled their country because of the Russian invasion. The postgraduate students for these grants will be offered annual stipends worth €18,500 and a €5,500 fee payment.

About Science Foundation Ireland (SFI)

Founded in 2003, the Science Foundation Ireland, a national foundation for funding scientific and technical research in Ireland.

Eligibility Criteria:

Applications are welcomed from principal investigators on active SFI grants across all schemes with the exception of Research Infrastructures Awards, SFI Discover Awards, and SFI Industry RD&I Fellowship Awards.

Courses Applicable:

• Research degree in STEM

Scholarship Perks:

The perks include:

  • The supplemental awards will be provided for a period of 1 year or 3 months.
  • A salary-related costs for research staff.
  • Materials and consumable costs worth €2,000.
  • A contribution of €2,000 for the purchase of a computer.
  • The foundation will contribute to the indirect costs of the research via an overhead payment of 30% of Total Direct Costs (excludes student fees and equipment costs).
  • Awards will have a period of up to 12 months. The period of the supplemental award cannot exceed the expiration date of the host award.
  • Salary costs? The total funding per award will largely be determined by one of the three appropriate salary scales listed below. Eligible costs include gross salary, an Employer’s PRSI contribution at 11.05% of gross salary, and pension provision up to 20% of gross salary. The level of employer contribution should follow SFI’s Grant Budget Policy.
  • The Foundation will fund postgraduate students stipends at a flat rate of €18,500 per annum contribution of €5,500 towards fees.

Method of Application

All aspirants should email [email protected] with their name and the proposal ID of their existing SFI project with which the Supplemental Grant for Displaced Researchers from Ukraine will align.

Entry Requirements

  • Upload a Letter of Support from the hosting HEI
  • Note that the space and infrastructure to carry out the proposed research are available and,
  • Accepting the salary scale of the Researcher
  • If necessary, a Curriculum Vitae listing the incoming researcher’s experience and background, and a short list of publications. The Researcher’s Curriculum Vitae is in English language, and while a narrative Curriculum Vitae is preferable, it is not essential.


There’s no other way to make the final list of this scholarship programme other than to meet the requirements and make the submission of your application on before the scholarship closes.



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