JPTS University School Fees 2023/2024 Academic Session

The Joint Professional Training & Support International, also known as jpts University School Fees, are reasonable information, and the admission process to the school is not competitive like other universities in Nigeria.

Finding out how much their semester’s worth of tuition will cost would be preferable. You could plan more effectively as a result.

JPTS University School Fees 2023/2024 Academic Session

Unique benefits, including earning discounts, are granted to some departments.

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The JPTS school fees vary depending on the department. In other words, the cost of attending JPTS school varies per department.

JPTS University School Fees for Oil And Gas

1Refinery Operations and Management55,000
2Drilling and Offshore Operations Certification55,000
3Petroleum Product Marketing15,000
4Oil and Gas Specialist Course15,000
5Pipeline & Petroleum Logistics25,000
6Shipping and Petroleum Management35,000
7Deport and Terminal Managers Course55,000

JPTS University School Fees for Engineering And Technical

1Maintenance & Corrosion Technology Course30,000
2Facility Management and Maintenance Certificate30,000
3Electrical Installation and Industrial Wiring160,000
4Pipeline & Vessel Welding160,000
5Auto Mechanics Engineering160,000
7Crane Operations & Maintenance160,000
8Forklift Operations60,00025,000
9Industrial Plumbing & Pipe Fittings160,000
10Industrial Scaffolding160,000
11Building Technology160,000
12Instrumentation and Control Certification160,000

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JPTS University School Fees for Safety And Environment

1Onshore Offshore HSE (Level II) Certification15,00010,000
2HSE (Level II) Supervision Certification21,00011,000
3Corporate Safety Certification25,000
4EIA/EMS (ISO 14001)15,000
5Advanced Safety Managers Certification21,000
6Environment Toxicology20,00015,000
7Fire Safety Course10,000
8Emergency Management & Confined Space Entry10,000
9Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training200,000
10STWC 98 (Maritime Mandatory)105,000
11Certified Security Officers Course35,000
12Port Facility Security Officers Course (PFSO)45,000
13Aviation Safety Course25,000
14Food Safety Course25,000
15HACCP, HAZOP & Process Safety Course35,000
16RIG Safety & RIG Pass30,000
17Helicopter Underwater Escape Training180,000
18First Aid & CPR Certification10,000
19Basic Paramedics & AED35,000
20Swim Test I.D15,00010,000
21Certified Risk Assessor Certification20,000
22NEBOSH IGC26,000

JPTS University School Fees for ICT And Software

1Oil and Gas Soft Skills (HYSIS & PDMS)120,00095,000
2Reservoir Simulation (ECLIPSE, PETRA)100,00095,000
3Cloud Technology90,000
4Certified Information Security Professionals Certification90,000
5Information Technology Management Certification90,000
6Network Engineer Certification90,000
7Software Development Programme90,000
8System Analyst Certification90,000

JPTS University School Fees for Management

1Project Management25,00010,000
2Conflict Management and Peace Resolution25,000
3Certified System Auditors Certification50,000
4Quality Assurance and Control25,00015,000
5Management Information System25,00015,000
6Human Resources Managers Certification25,00015,000
7Forensic Accounting Certification35,000
8International Negotiation Certification20,000
9Change Management20,000
10Customer Care Professionals Certification20,00010,000
11Transport and Logistics Chain Management25,000
12Certified Public Relations Certification180,000
13IFRS Certification55,000

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JPTS University School fees for other course

To access other courses, the school offers and the payable fees you would pay, click here.


How many years does it take to study nursing at JPTS?

Nursing is a three years program at JPTS

Does JPTS approve by the government?

Yes! JPTS is a government-approved institution

Is Nursing approved in JPTS?

Like every other course, Nursing is approved and accredited

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Does JPTS University go for NYSC?

Yes! JPTS students do service after their degree 




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