2023: Global Korea Fully funded Scholarship program For International Students

The government of Korea has announced the commencement of its Global Korea fully funded Scholarship program for International students willing their to study undergraduate degrees in Korea and be great in their chosen careers.

The scholarship aims to offer foreign students the opportunity to conduct advanced studies at higher educational institutions in Korea, to breed global leaders and furnish Korea’s relationship with other countries of the world.

The government of Korea is inviting up to 125 foreign students from 67 countries who are willing to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in the country. All aspirants hoping to be shortlisted for the scholarship must go through the 1st selection process set by the Korean Embassy in his or her home country of origin.

Scholarship Details
• Country Hosting Scholarship: Korea
• Scholarship Degree: Undergraduate
• Eligible Nationalities: All nationalities
• Scholarship Type: Full funded
• Scholarship Closes: October 2022

Quota of Scholarship:

(Embassy Track)
The government of Korea is inviting up to 81 foreign students

° General: 74 scholars
° Overseas Koreans: 7 scholars

{University Track}
The government of Korea is inviting up to 119 foreign students

° Regional University: 49 scholars
° Associate Degree : 15 scholars
° UIC Program: 55 scholars

{Embassy Track & University Track}
All aspirants are advised to reach Out to the first ground of selection organizations(university or embassy) to get a full information that has to do with the application submission like deadline of application deadline, documents required, interview and others. The submission of application deadline may be different according to embassy or university.

Requirements KGS:

The following are the criteria you must meet before you apply for the Korean Government Scholarship:

Aspirant’s citizenship

  • Aspirants and their parents must possess non-Korean citizenship.

Aspirant’s age

  • KGSP-G: below 40
  • KGSP-U: below 25

Aspirant’s health

  • must be physically and mentally healthy for their studies in Korea.

Degree Requirements for Scholarship

  • KGSP-G: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree
  • KGSP-U: High school diploma

Aspirant’s Academic Grades

  • The cumulative grade point average (CGPA) should be 80% or higher; or
  • The CGPA must be 2.64/ 4.0, 2.80/ 4.3, 2.91/ 4.5, or 3.23/ 5.0 or higher.

Award and Duration of Scholarship

  •  Tuition fee
  • Settlement allowance
  • A monthly Stipend
  • Medical Insurance
  • Flight
  • Completion Grants

Application Process for Scholarship

  • All aspirants should submit all required documents for their scholarship application to the Korean Embassy in their home countries or to domestic university concerned.
  • The Korean Embassy or the domestic university will send qualified aspirants to NIIED with the documents required.
  • NIIED assesses potential aspirants and notifies the Korean Embassy of the final successful KGSP aspirants.


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Application Method for KGS

All qualified aspirants are required to pay attention to the embassy or the university they are applying for the scholarship through. The application deadline of each university varies, therefore, aspirants should confirm if the applications of their schools are still open before submitting the applications.

The following documents are relevant guide for a successful application.

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° 2023 GKS-U Application Guidelines (English).pdf [707232 byte]° 2023 GKS-U Application Forms.docx [103519 byte]° 2023 GKS-U University Information.zip [16376836 byte]° 2023 GKS-U Application Guidelines (Korean).pdf [853767 byte]° 2023 GKS-U Promotion Poster.pdf [14924687 byte]

Application Deadline: October 2022


The submission of application is determined by the embassy and institution. So, ensure if the application is still active before you proceed with the submission of your application.



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