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Germany Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship: Interested in applying for the German Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship 2023? This is the right time for you as Applications are currently being accepted for the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship in 2023.

Students from other countries are given the liberty to apply for this scholarship. So if you are a student from another country, you can apply for the Friedrich Ebert Scholarship, which provides full funding for your education in Germany. 

The Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, and Doctoral Degree programs are all eligible for this scholarship. Scholarships are available to be taken at universities in Germany. 

A person mustn’t miss out on the chance to apply for the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship in Germany for the class of 2023-24. They give out forty Fully Funded Scholarships every year. 

The scholarship will pay for everything that you need to cover while you are there. The number of international students who choose to study in Germany is growing due to how the scholarship favors them. The reason why international students like to study in Canada is not limited to that; there are lots of reasons why.

The fact that applicants can come from countries in the Global South (Asia, Africa, and Latin America), post-Soviet states, and eastern and south-eastern European (EU) countries is one of the many wonderful aspects of this scholarship. 

The application process is open to students of any academic discipline. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is responsible for the scholarship. 

Please take the time to read the following article about the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship 2023 in its entirety before applying for the FES Scholarship 2023.

Germany Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship 2023: Details 

Country: Germany


Scholarship By: Friedrich Ebert Foundation

Level: Bachelor, Masters, Diploma, PhD

Deadline: Still Ongoing

Financial perks 

The following expenses, such as: will be covered by the Friedrich International Scholarships in Germany: 

  • There is no tuition. 
  • In a Bachelor’s, Diploma, Magister, or state examination program, a monthly stipend of EUR 830 is provided. 
  • Eight hundred fifty euros per month as a master’s course stipend. 
  • Health insurance premiums are covered, and students with children are given a family stipend of EUR 276. 
  • There is no need to pay back the scholarship. 

Study fields

Students may apply for an academic discipline to study in Germany with any Subject Area. 

Targeted student Group 

International students studying in Germany who are citizens of Africa, Asia, Latin America, or Eastern Europe are eligible to apply for the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship. 

Germany Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship Academic prerequisites 

  • Outstanding academic or school achievement (where required: first graded proofs of academic achievement) 
  • Engagement in politics and society, as well as dedication to social democratic principles 
  • Responsible, driven, trustworthy individuals eager to participate in the network of the Foundation 
  • Having sufficient German language skills, even though the courses are taught in English 

Germany Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship Eligibility

  • Candidates must be enrolled in a German higher education program that the government approves. 
  • German language proficiency is a must for candidates. 
  • Deadline 

Germany Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship Deadline

Although there are deadlines specified above, applications can be submitted anytime. You can still check here for more information.

How to Apply for a Scholarship from the Friedrich Ebert Foundation 

You must submit your application through their website, which is an online application process. 

  • The applicants must choose their nation of origin wisely. 
  • Fill out every field that is necessary for each level. 
  • Carefully fill out your application.


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