Top 10 Fully funded Universities in The USA without IELTS

Have you dreamed of attending fully funded universities in the USA without IELTS? Dream no more. Here is a list of the top 10 universities in the USA without IELTS.

For students dreaming of studying abroad, the United States of America is a dream destination for most students worldwide seeking higher education. 

IELTS is regarded as necessary for applicants to higher education, but it is not a requirement when applying to American universities. This is because IELTS is optional to study in the United States. 

Continue reading this blog to learn more about Fully funded Universities in The USA without IELTS.

How Can I Study in Fully funded Universities in The USA without IELTS? 

IELTS presents a barrier for pupils from non-English speaking nations because it can be difficult for non-native English speakers to pass. 

Because taking the IELTS more than once can be quite expensive, many people are not keen on the concept. If you want to study in the USA without taking the IELTS test, you should be aware of the following basic requirements:

  • When applying for postgraduate courses, you will need a letter from your previous university stating that the graduate program you pursued was in English. 
  • You must have taken English as one of your core classes in high school to be eligible to enroll in undergraduate courses. 
  • If you have a degree from a country where English is the legal language, you might not need to take the IELTS exam. 
  • Suppose you are unable to submit your IELTS results. In that case, the university may require you to sign up for its own intensive English language program (IELP), in which you will receive basic instruction in the language.

Fully funded Universities in The USA without IELTS

What do you have to know about studying in the United States?

  • The annual cost of tuition for international students can vary from $5,000 to $50,000. 
  • The cost of living in the USA is fairly reasonable, with average costs for things like Internet and phone service ($35 to $60), food ($17 to 42), rent ($104 to 208), electricity/gas ($50 to 100), and transportation ($36 on average). 
  • Every year, over a million grants worth billions of dollars are given to foreign students enrolled in American universities. Statistics show that the US Department of Education grants scholarships worth an estimated $46 billion annually. 
  • For various reasons, including strengthening diplomatic relations with the student’s home country or drawing the brightest minds to the United States, American colleges and the government offer completely funded scholarships.
  • Any student from any country can receive fully funded scholarships to attend school in the US. 
  • International students are especially well-supported and welcomed in the US. Every foreign student will want to experience its rich diversity of cultures and energetic campuses.

Top Universities to Study in USA without IELTS

University of Chicago

The University of Chicago is interested in providing completely funded scholarships to aspiring students with leadership qualities. This scholarship does not have a specific area of study requirement. The university’s stamp scholarship recipients receive $10,000 in addition to their tuition and housing expenses.

Yale University

Another outstanding university in the United States that grants fully supported admission to foreign students from different nations is Yale. Yale gives recipients financial aid through scholarships totaling more than $50,000.

Duke University

Duke University offers the Robertson Scholars leadership program to develop leaders who will contribute to societal change. The entire cost of tuition, room, and board will be covered for the recipients of this scholarship.

Barry University

International students at Barry University are provided with funding over four years to support their academic endeavors. You will receive $6000 in addition to tuition, housing, transportation, and books when you are admitted through this program.

Amherst College

International applicants who meet admissions requirements but lack the funds to cover fees and other costs are assisted by Amherst College. As soon as a student is accepted to study at Amherst College, their financial need is assessed, and a financial aid package equal to 100% of their need is given.

California Institute of Technology

Students who exhibit leadership characteristics are also eligible for funding and admission to the California Institute of Technology. The following advantages are part of this completely funded admission:

  • You will get a tuition fee for four years.
  • Payment for room and board
  • Stipend.

Clark University

Clark University in the United States serves as the Global Scholars project’s host institution and financial sponsor. Students who have shown outstanding leadership qualities are eligible for this funding chance. It is an all-inclusive admissions program that pays for all undergraduate education expenses for foreign students who want to enroll in undergraduate programs at Clark University.

Harvard University

Another institution offering fully-funded chances to study there is Harvard University, which supports undergraduate and graduate students. This university offers many grants that can be used to pay for things like tuition, travel, and lodging.

Boise State University

Both domestic and foreign students from the United States can enroll at Boise State University with various completely funded admission options. The real award amount given by these universities varies depending on several factors, including the amount of money available and the applicant’s eligibility.

East Tennessee State University

International students can apply for completely funded opportunities at the University of East Tennessee based on their merits. Both new and graduate students can take advantage of the possibilities. This institution’s grant pays for both upkeep costs and tuition.

Benefits of Studying with Fully Funded Admission in the USA

The majority of American institutions that provide completely funded admissions opportunities or fully funded scholarships provide the following advantages;

  • Completely paid education fees
  • Health insurance 
  • Foot the visa costs
  • Pay the living costs
  • Textbooks completely paid for
  • A new computer
  • Airfare return tickets.

Some American universities give these main advantages of fully funded admission.

How to Get Fully Funded Admission in the United States

Obtaining completely funded assistance to study in the United States may be difficult. But with the proper strategy, it can be as simple as anything. We advise you to use these pointers in your quest for completely funded admission to the United States.

  • Watch out for grants given out by the American government. 
  • Seek assistance from your native nation and watch for bilateral agreements between US institutions and businesses or your country’s government. 
  • Submit as many scholarships and financial aid applications as the US university of your choosing accepts. 
  • Watch out for funding initiatives backed by philanthropic foundations and international organizations like the United Nations, World Health Organization, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Soros Foundation, etc.

If you’ve made it this far in the article, you’ll probably be the next person to receive a fully funded admission to a US institution. Apply right now.

FAQs On Fully funded Universities in The USA without IELTS

Without IELTS, is it possible to pursue a degree in the USA? 

Yes, it is possible to study in the USA without taking the IELTS test if you have finished your senior secondary education, graduated from that program, or studied for a set period in an English-speaking nation. Additionally, some universities may grant admission to applicants without IELTS or TOEFL scores if they enroll in the university’s preparatory program known as the Intensive English Language Program (IELP), which gives international students a higher level of English proficiency.

Does the United States require IELTS? 

Many universities offer programs that you can apply to without IELTS scores, even though IELTS is a fairly mandatory requirement to study in the USA. Among them are California State University, Northwood University, the University of Dayton, and the University of North Texas.

Which nation is the best for studying abroad without IELTS? 

You can study abroad in many well-known nations without taking the IELTS or TOEFL. These include, among others, Germany, the USA, Canada, the UK, Malaysia, and Australia. 

For a student visa to the USA, is IELTS required? 

For those who have finished an international baccalaureate or prior studies from an English-speaking nation, IELTS is not a requirement for a USA student visa.

Which examination is needed to study in the USA? 

The exams you must take to study in the USA vary depending on your chosen program, from language tests to tests specific to that program. Except for some universities, IELTS/TOEFL is typically required, while GMAT and GRE are prerequisites for choosing postgraduate programs.

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Every international student’s dream is to study abroad in the United States of America because it will be a wonderful experience. We have listed the Fully funded Universities in The USA without IELTS. Lack of funding is typically the biggest obstacle for so many international students but there are also time when things like english language proficiency would delay you from being able to register for your desired scholarship program.


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