Top 15 Engineering Scholarships in the UK In 2023-24

Are you looking for engineering scholarships in the UK? Lucky you. For your convenience, we have put together a list of the top 15 scholarships for engineering students in this article. It’s important to note that it is one of the best fields, and you must be eligible for scholarships in this area. There are more scholarships available in engineering than in other fields.

Quite several engineering scholarships are also available, not just at one institution. Studying engineering in the United Kingdom can be expensive for international students from middle- and low-income countries. Students from low- and middle-income countries may need help to afford college in the UK, especially if they want to study engineering. So, most of these students seek and get engineering scholarships in the UK to study their favorite courses.

Here is a comprehensive list of scholarships in the UK that you can apply for as an international student. 

1. Institution of Mechanical Engineers Awards and Scholarships

If you are interested in engineering scholarships in the UK, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Awards and Scholarships is one of the best for you if you are explicitly majoring in mechanical engineering in the United Kingdom and are eligible for this award. The grant can cover up to four years of an undergraduate degree, or £2,000 per year, or £9,000 total.

Any UK resident accepted to a mechanical engineering program and planning to start in the fall can apply for the grant. The Society of Mechanical Engineers gives scholarships to students who deserve them. 

Download the application and referee request forms to apply for this engineering scholarship in the UK. Make sure you correctly complete questions 9a and 9b on the application. 

Respond to an invitation to an interview and show up. The annual application deadline is June 30. Click here to submit an application when the portal reopens.

2. Quest Scholarships

For students enrolled in their first year of a full-time civil engineering degree program in the UK, you can register for the Quest Scholarships. These scholarships offer up to 7 annual scholarships. The scholarship comes with early access to companies and is worth £8,000.

Such awards include the undergraduate Scholarship, Technician Scholarship, Eloise Plunkett Prize, Travel Award, Kenneth Watson Travel Award, and Continuing Education Award, among others. Individuals who have demonstrated a passion for civil engineering and understand the field’s present and upcoming challenges are eligible for the Ice Quest scholarship. 

Additionally, candidates must possess strong leadership qualities and academic aptitude. Candidates must begin a full-time, accredited undergraduate civil engineering degree at a UK university in September or October 2022. 

We will only consider applicants whose predicted A-level grades are ABB or higher.

3. British Chevening Scholarships

The British Chevening Scholarship, like every other aforementioned scholarship, is sponsored by the UK government. International students can study in the UK thanks to the Chevening scholarships and fellowships offered by the UK government. Outstanding students with strong leadership potential can receive Chevening scholarships to study for a postgraduate (master’s) degree at any UK institution. The Chevening grant is available to applicants looking for engineering scholarships in the UK.

4. Royal Academy of Engineering Awards

One of the best Engineering scholarships in the UK is the Royal Academy of Engineering Award. The Royal Academy of Engineering is committed to making it easier for talented engineers to get jobs, and it gives students the money and helps they need to do well in school. The Lord Bhattacharyya Higher Education Bursaries, the Engineering Leaders Scholarships, the Sainsbury Management Fellowships, and the Graduate Engineering Engagement Initiative are some of these scholarships and fellowships.

5. Arkwright Engineering Scholarships

Students engaged in their A-levels, Scottish Highers, or equivalent qualifications are supported by the Arkwright Scholarships. To be considered for the award, candidates must show they want to become leaders in the engineering field. However, applicants for this scholarship must be students attending Arkwright Partnership institutions.

6. The Engineers Trust

The Trusts support education through organizations with established programs. They may offer funding of up to £2,000 to students pursuing their studies in the sixth form as a straight pathway to higher engineering studies.

7. Ford Scholarship Programme

At prestigious UK universities like Bath, Bradford, Cardiff, Imperial College London, Brunel, East Anglia, Loughborough, Nottingham, Southampton, Strathclyde, Surrey, and Warwick, Ford offers up to £10,000 per student over three years for 100 undergraduates on a variety of engineering, manufacturing and technology, and science courses.

8. IET Postgraduate Research Awards

Several awards totaling up to £10,000 are given to students by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) for their postgraduate study endeavors. Note that all prizes honor excellence and are given out competitively to interested applicants. IET Postgraduate Award, Leslie H. Paddle Scholarship, Hudswell International Research Scholarship, and IET Postgraduate Scholarship for an Outstanding Researcher are among the honors.

9. International Engineering Management Scholarships

The scholarship is for students seeking to study engineering project management and is based at the University of Manchester. It offers four £10,000 awards as tuition price waivers and two full scholarships totaling £27,000 for postgraduate taught courses.

Engineering Scholarships in the UK

10. Whitworth Award for Scholarship

The Whitworth Award primarily targets engineering trainees who want to pursue higher education. It is available for students who wish to enroll in a one-year postgraduate program or an undergraduate degree (such as an MEng) (i.e., MSc). Additionally, the program is one of the many scholarships the Society of Mechanical Engineers offers.

Whitworth scholars will enjoy some or all of the following benefits.

  • Full-time scholarships for up to four years, valued at £9,000 per year.
  • Scholarships for part-time study are valued at up to £2,800 annually.
  • 9,000 per year for those pursuing a one-year MBA
  • 2,725 annually for those seeking a part-time MBA (usually two years).

11. Imperial College London Electrical & Electronics Engineering Grants

The Electrical & Electronics Scholarships at Imperial College are highly sought-after awards, including complete tuition fee waivers, travel and conference funding, and allowances for living expenses. The scholarship is primarily for doctoral (Ph.D.) Imperial College London candidates engaged in a full-time study program.

12. The Siemens Postgraduate Engineering Award

With its Postgraduate Engineering Award, Siemens, a global leader in the industry, works with the University of Lincoln in the UK to foster the next generation of engineering talent. The award covers all tuition costs for the chosen candidate to complete a one-year taught master’s degree in mechanical engineering, engineering management, or the one-year MSc by Research Engineering. One of the most coveted engineering scholarships in the UK is this one.

13. University of Cambridge Engineering Grants

The University of Cambridge offers many engineering scholarships to foreign students, giving successful students a chance to study and conduct research at a renowned university with cutting-edge facilities. Some engineering scholarships cover the entire cost of tuition as well as award recipients’ monthly stipends while supporting master’s and postgraduate studies.

14. Heriot-Watt University Grants

The support provided to women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics at Heriot-Watt University is well recognized. The university established the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Award for young women who want to work in engineering and science.

15. University of Glasgow Engineering Excellence Scholarship

The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Strathclyde offers scholarships to new foreign (non-EU), fee-paying, self-funded students with strong academic credentials who wish to study engineering there.

How to Apply for Grants

It is crucial that; When applying for any scholarship, including the engineering scholarships mentioned above;

  • First, you should consider pursuing an engineering degree in the UK.
  • The first step in practice is applying to a desired school while looking into any scholarship opportunities.
  • Verify your eligibility for the grants that are accessible.
  • Read the program’s application guidelines in full and submit your application as directed.

Always be sure to have all necessary paperwork prepared before beginning your application. Such routines can assist you in avoiding mistakes.

Who is Eligible for an Engineering Scholarship in the UK? 

All international students are eligible to apply for the engineering scholarship in the UK. Still, only students with exceptional academic records are eligible for some scholarships, while others award awards to all applicants, regardless of the applicant’s educational records. 

All engineering students are eligible for engineering scholarships, particularly those with the ambition but lack the means to pursue it. Although the eligibility requirements for each scholarship are stated clearly, it is in your best interest to confirm your eligibility before applying.

Interestingly, a scholarship awaits you if you read this article all the way through. You must fulfill its requirements, so apply right away and get started on your academic path. 

Why Should You Apply for a UK Engineering Scholarship? 

The United Kingdom provides high-quality instruction in a welcoming environment. The majority of UK engineering schools have extremely low faculty-to-student ratios. 

Students can interact with faculty members effectively as a result of this. Graduates from UK schools experience many job opportunities after graduation because they receive the best education. According to statistics, most of them make a good living at the beginning of their careers.

However, this level of instruction and learning experience is costly. The financial entanglements associated with studying in the UK are more pronounced for international students. 

Students are responsible for their daily expenses in addition to tuition. Because engineering is such a practical course, more funding might be needed to complete these engineering practicals successfully. 

Therefore, undergraduate and graduate engineering students in the United Kingdom need financial aid to help them pay the high cost of a quality engineering education. 

Are there scholarships for mechanical engineering in the UK? 

Indeed, mechanical engineering scholarships are only available to students enrolled in a UK engineering college that has been accredited. 

While all mechanical engineering students are eligible to apply for any engineering scholarship, not all engineering students are eligible to apply for scholarships specifically for mechanical engineering students.

Some of these scholarships for mechanical engineering are provided by universities through their engineering colleges. Here are a few examples:

  • AIWA Lucy Kasparian Aharonian Scholarship
  • University Of Bradford – Half Fee Academic Excellence Scholarships In the UK
  • Romania High Achievers Scholarship
  • Institute of Mechanical Engineers Awards and Scholarships
  • Discounts For Surrey Graduates


Every year, countless dreams go unfulfilled because students need more resources to make them a reality. The UK government and other well-intentioned citizens of the country are aware of the plight of some students. As a result, they provide students with financial aid to help them cut back on academic costs. 

All students are eligible for some of these scholarships. But the scholarships offered to engineer students in the UK are listed in this article. 

This indicates that engineering scholarships in the UK are available to international students enrolled in undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral-level programs at accredited engineering colleges. 

Others are accessible to all UK engineering students and apprentices, while some are department-specific.



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