EKSU School Fees for 2023/2024 For Freshers and Returning Students

EKSU School Fees: We’ve received multiple emails from potential students at Ekiti State University inquiring about the tuition fees release date for the 2023–2024 academic year.

Suppose you are among the students who contacted us regarding the EKSU school fees for the 2023–2024 academic year. In that case, we are happy to notify you that the school administration has made the information available.

New and returning students’ EKSU school fees has been made available by the university administration. The school administration took into account several issues, including their release.

According to the school administration, the EKSU school fees are slightly different for new and returning students. We have broken out the tuition costs in the table below for the readers’ benefit. The table contains 100 level, 200 level, 300 level and other levels students’ tuition fees.


Banking And Finance171,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Business Administration171,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Agricultural Economics and Extension Services17,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Fisheries and Aquaculture Management170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Animal Production And Health Services170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Crop Soil And Environmental Science170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Forestry Wildlife And Fisheries170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Hospitality And Tourism170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Arabic And Islamic Studies170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Christian Religious Knowledge/Studies170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
English And Literary Studies170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
History And International Studies170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Religious Studies170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Theatre Arts170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Pathology (Morbid Anatomy), and Physiology170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Epidemiology and Community Health170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Obstetrics and Gynecology and Surgery.170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Adult Education170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Agricultural Science And Education170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Business Education170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Curriculum Studies170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education & Accountancy170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education & Christian Religious Studies170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education & Computer Science170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education & Economics170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education & Electrical/Electronics Technology170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education & Mathematics170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education & Mechanical & Auto Mechanical Technolog170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education & Physics170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education & Yoruba170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education And Biology170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education And Chemistry170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education And English Language170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education And French170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education And Geography170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education And History170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education And Integrated Science170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education And Political Science170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education And Science170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education And Social Studies170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education Foundations And Management170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Educational Management170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Educational Management & Planning170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Guidance & Counseling170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Human Kinetics And Health Education170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Industrial Technical Education170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Mathematics /Statistics Education170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Nursery And Primary Education170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Physical And Health Education170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Technical Education170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Vocational And Technical Education170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Banking And Finance170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Civil Engineering170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Computer Engineering170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Electrical /Electronics Engineering170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Environmental Management170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Mechanical Engineering170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Geography And Planning Science170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Political Science170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Biological Science(S)170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Computer Science170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Industrial Chemistry170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Industrial Mathematics170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Plant Science And Forestry170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Pure Chemistry170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Science Laboratory Technology170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000

About Ekiti State University

One of Nigeria’s most esteemed state universities is Ekiti State University (EKSU). On March 30, 1982, it was established in Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria’s Ekiti State. The institution has more than 25,000 students from all around the nation and provides undergraduate and graduate programs.

The name of Ekiti State University has been altered more than thrice. It was known as the University of Ado Ekiti in 1999 and Ondo State University in 1985. The university is now included among Nigeria’s top universities as of 2021. There are more than seven colleges and faculties at Ekiti State University.

EKSU Acceptance Fee

The acceptance fee of Ekiti State University is around N50,000.

EKSU School Fees – Conclusion

The Ekiti State University administration has announced the tuition fees for the 2023–2024 academic year. We strongly advise all incoming and returning students to review it as they prepare to start the 2023–2024 school year.

EKSU School Fees – FAQs

How much are the school fees for Ekiti State University 2023/2024?

The EKSU school fees for the 2023/2024 academic session range from ₦61,500 to ₦468,750.

How much is the acceptance fee for EKSU?

The Ekiti State University acceptance fee varies from department to department. For instance, law and medicine students pay above N100,000, while those pursuing less competitive courses pay less.

What is the cut-off mark for EKSU 2023/2024?

The most minor cut-off mark for Ekiti State University is 140. Competitive courses like law and medicine require higher.

How many students does EKSU admit yearly?

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The number of students admitted annually by the Ekiti State University is above 3,000.

Is EKSU a private university?

Ekiti State University is not a private university. It is a state-owned university.


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